Why is cell phone bluetooth always turned on bad?

Although it’s a tool that’s been around for more than 25 years and is used to wirelessly connect hearing aids, connect devices, and exchange information, Bluetooth does present some risks. According to the telecommunications and networking portal Redes Zone, this risk occurs when it is still running.

As long as Bluetooth is on, data will be sent, even if it’s running in the background and not paired with another device. In other words, the interface will be responsible for periodically sending the UUID, the device’s universal unique identifier, to other devices.

If someone gets this UUID, they can geolocate the device. Even if the device is hidden, it will still send this type of information continuously, according to said portal. Surely this can jeopardize not only the mobile phone, but also its owner.

There could be an additional danger: Man-in-the-Middle, a traditional wired and wireless communications attack consisting of a user interfering with the communication between two devices. This can see what is being sent and, at worst, can be modified.

The latest Bluetooth versions 4 and 5 no longer allow automatic pairing without permission from the other device. However, it is recommended to turn off this feature to avoid problems and increase security.

In addition, turning it off offers other benefits such as saving battery power and reducing the risk of accidentally connecting Bluetooth to another device, increasing the possibility of an attack.

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