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In confession before the public, with laughter between them, the Chancellor of the Exchequer to United State (equivalent to what the Peruvian Minister of Economy and Finance or the Minister of Finance of other countries would like), Janet Yelleneating hallucinogenic mushrooms (mushrooms) in a restaurant in Beijing during a recent trip to China To approach positions with the government of Asian power.

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This was revealed by the senior official in an interview with CNN, where she ate safely Hallucinogenic mushroomsSo it is known that they are able to anesthetize the person who ingests them.

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Janet Yellen I swear that Hallucinogenic mushrooms They did not cause her strange effects. At least that’s how he remembers it.

Psychedelic “effects”.

I went with a large group of people who organized dinner and ordered food. There was a delicious mushroom dish. I did not know that this mushroom has hallucinogenic properties. I found out later,” the secretary revealed with a laugh. Janet Yellen77 years old.

Janet Yellen He explained, however, that none of the diners felt a psychedelic “high.”

She added, “I found that when these mushrooms are well cooked, which I’m sure they were because they are a very good restaurant, they have absolutely no effect.” Janet Yellen.

The Chinese blogger gave it away

The US Treasury chief’s dinner went viral on social media after a Chinese blogger revealed he had seen her dining with a group of people at Yi Zuo Yi Wang’s restaurant in Beijing.

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And the company confirmed it Janet Yellen It was his client and that the group he dined with ordered four dishes of mushrooms typical of Yunnan cuisine, in the south China.

the Minister of Foreign Affairs He was in Beijing at the beginning of July as part of the Joe Biden administration’s strategy to establish stable channels of communication with it China which avoid direct conflict between both powers.

bilateral relations

During her stay, Yellen claimed that the competition between United State And China This must be done “under certain rules” in order for both countries to benefit.

He was the person in charge of the treasury at China A month after the visit of the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who met in Beijing with the head of the Asian country, Xi Jinping.

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