Why Alejandro G Inarritu called criticism of his new film ‘Bardo’ ‘racist’

Gonzalez Inarritu’s ‘Bardo’ has its world premiere in competition at the Venice International Film Festival (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP, File)

Seven years after the release of his last film, Mexican Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Presented his latest feature film at the Venice Film Festivalfrom August 31 to September 10, hunting for the golden lion.

it’s about Bardot (or false dating of some facts)And the The 59-year-old director’s seventh feature filmwhich held an exhibition on September 1 at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

Expectations were high, since with return (His sixth film released in 2015) won several international awards, including “Best Director” and “Best Film” at the Academy Awards. however, The reactions were not as expected.

Despite the fact that Iñárritu returned to Mexican soil after 20 years to shoot this new movie and even Platform Netflix he got itThe first reviews were not entirely positive.

After 20 years, Inarritu is back in Mexico to shoot a movie (Image: FILE)
After 20 years, Inarritu is back in Mexico to shoot a movie (Image: FILE)

Some adjectives used to describe cool. However, according to Inarritu’s statements, The movie is not about himalthough he is inspired by certain aspects of his life, such as his father’s lessons or his career as a director.

In an interview with Los Angeles Timesthe Mexico City native confirmed it You haven’t read the reviews yetBut he noted that members of his production team were responsible for keeping him updated.

He stressed in this regard that this tape is not as narcissistic as he had heard, and attributed the bad comments to the issue of nationalities. Which is that “Al-Negro” – as his closest friend knows him – referred to it They call him “hummingbird” just because he’s Mexican.

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. added If he was from a country like Sweden or Denmark, they would call him a “philosopher”Commented by the American media. In addition, he noted that if it had been another director, such as a blonde subject belonging to another culture, the comments would have been different.

"cool" It will be shown in cinemas in Mexico on October 27 (Photo: REUTERS/Yara Nardi)
“Bardo” will be shown in Mexican theaters on October 27 (Photo: REUTERS/Yara Nardi)

“For me there Kind of racist background And in it, being Mexican, I am arrogant,” he asserted, emphasizing that these kinds of opinions are somewhat reductive.

Similarly, did not participate in the comparison between cool And other films that also deal with the past lives of directors, such as 8 1/2 by Federico Fellini or Mirror Andrei Tarkovsky, since then More literary reviewArgentine writers Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar.

The new Iñárritu movie will be released in theaters in Mexico on October 27 After that it will have a limited release on the big screens of the United States, Spain and Argentina, where it is expected to arrive on November 4.

"cool" Stars Griselda Siciliani, Iker Sanchez Solano, Daniel Gimenez Cacho and Ximena Lamadrid (Photo: REUTERS/Yara Nardi)
“Bardo” stars Griselda Siciliani, Iker Sanchez Solano, Daniel Jimenez Cacho and Ximena Lamadrid (Photo: REUTERS/Yara Nardi)

In the event that you cannot enjoy it in cinemas, it will also be available in flow. cool will be part of netflix catalog From December 16joining a string of filmmakers who have made the leap to digital platforms, such as fellow countryman Alfonso Cuaron, with Rome.

Running for about three hours, this feature film stars Daniel Jimenez Cacho, Jimena Lamadrid, Andres Almeida, and Omar Leva. In the words of Inarritu, It’s about memory, identity, the feeling of displacement which you have when someone is away from their country of origin for many years (as in your particular case).

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