Who will negotiate a free trade agreement with the UK?

Under the yoke of the presidency, Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s way of showing officials he cared about was to put them in the morning conference. If they are not there, they are simply a second division of collaborators.

That is why, after the Minister of Economy, Tatiana Clouther, was publicly humiliated by the mandatory revisions to cars, and reasonable doubt arose whether this policy should continue to work for Lopez Obrador, because it had received such an honor. To appear in the morning also from London.

Clouther lives in that second division of the president and clearly has no executive authority to negotiate the crucial points of a new trade agreement, such as the one now being discussed with the UK.

Tatiana Clotheer was given a presidential pass to travel to London and meet her British counterpart Anne-Marie Trevelyan. He carried the message of wanting to start negotiating an agreement that would replace the bilateral relationship that existed when the United Kingdom belonged to the European Union.

It is a fact that this 4T hybrid government allows free trade if it does not include the issues in President Lopez Obrador’s basket of worn out nationalism.

What needs to be watched closely is who will be the presidential appointee to negotiate the good points with the UK. The president would hardly want to highlight the unconscious Tatiana Clutter.

In addition, this inorganic government does not work through positions but through committees and López Obrador can entrust business negotiations to practically anyone, regardless of fashion at the moment.

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It must be serious negotiations with Mexico’s sixteenth trading partner, to which we have joined the Economic Continuity Agreement, which extended for three years the terms that were maintained in the days of the United Kingdom in the European Union. But this agreement must end.

There is only one thing Lopez Obrador’s regime should not lose sight of, other than who will be his star negotiator. Europeans are not satisfied with free trade only with no tariffs on certain goods.

The British, like members of the European Union, only negotiate with democracies with solid institutional foundations, and demand guarantees and reviews of human rights and freedom of expression from their potential partners.

The agreement with the Europeans is also a pact of respect for the rule of law and it should not be excluded that this continent is now seeking to separate itself from Russia, they want to include the freedom to negotiate fuel in their trade agreements.

I hope they take into account in the fourth quarter that partnering with the British in a new free trade agreement includes clauses that López Obrador’s authoritarian style of government may not accept. None of these days would the president complain in Sabah about the intrusive attitude of the Europeans.

So, for now, vividly and in full color in the morning, the recently discredited Tatiana Clotheer is paving the way for the first round of negotiations on a trade agreement with the UK starting on July 11th.

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