Who will inherit the title of Duke of Edinburgh?

On Friday morning, April 9, Buckingham Palace confirmed the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle, news that quickly spread around the world, showing the respect and affection shown by Queen Elizabeth’s husband. The second had achieved in 73 years that he was married to the King of the United Kingdom.

However, condolences have also come from world leaders, royalty, businessmen, celebrities, politicians, friends, and family, Social networks began to be flooded with doubts about Prince Philip, one of the most frequent without a doubt about who would remain with the title of Duke. EdinburghWhich Felipe has built since November 20, 1947 when he arrived at the altar with Princess Elizabeth at the time, heiress to the throne of the United Kingdom, which was granted to him by King George VI.

According to information confirmed by Hola magazine, the title belongs to Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and the fourth and last children of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in recognition of their work on the Duke of the Award. And the president, in addition, will become the wife of Edward, Sophia of Wessex, Duchess of Edinburgh, a title of courtesy that Queen Elizabeth bears.

In a patent letter that King George VI issued in 1947 when the king bestowed the title on Philip, it was stated that it was the Prince of Wales who would inherit the title of Duke of Edinburgh as the firstborn. , But with access to the heir throne, the title would be combined with the crown and could be awarded again.

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Then, Edward of Wessex will have to wait for his older brother, Prince Charles of Wales, to reach the throne of the United Kingdom in order to become Duke of Edinburgh and replace his father.

Over the weekend, several photos of the arrival of Eduardo and his wife were published Sophia To a castle WindsorAnd the In fact, she is known to be one of the closest women to the king and both of them took an interest in their role within the royal family by staying away from scandals.


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