Who is the owner of Indio beer?

It is one of the most important industries in Mexico beer And among the many existing brands, it stands out Indian, Brewery was born in 1893 and that after 130 years of existence it is still found in Mexican consumers.

Indian beer It was previously owned Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma group After the sale, however, this division of the Monterey Group suffered fimsa, This beer has become part of another large conglomerate.

Before it becomes what it is, a name Indian He was Cuauhtémoc beerbut years later changed the same for the already recognized brand which allowed them to expand in the country and in the United States.

beer Indian Today owned by Heineken Group. fermentation giant earned from Famous Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma Brewery in 2010, Change 7300 million dollars in stock, according to a statement.

Photo: Heineken website

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When did Heineken buy the Indio brand?

With the beginning of the twenty-first century, Heineken has started a round of investments. At that time, she already identified herself as second The largest brewing company in the world in production capacity, but they wanted to enter more markets. Their site states that they have started buying some local brands in certain countries.

In January 2010, Famous announced that its board of directors had approved Cuauhtémoc-Moctezuma brewery awarded to Heineken, Including the brand Indian. In turn, the Mexican company Received 43 million shares of the company’s stockwhich formed 20% of the total of the share traded. This move allowed it to place José Antonio Fernández Carvajal, its president, on a board of directors Heineken.

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At the time, the deal was valued at approx $7,347 millionAccording to the statement issued at the time Famous. According to the company, the sale of this part was because it wanted to Focus on Oxxo and Coca-Cola Femsa. Their data shows that this is the same reason that prompted the company to put it up for sale again. Heineken stock in 2023.

Photo: Heineken website

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Indio’s “sister” brands

In addition to buying Indian, Other very popular beers have also been dominated by Heineken. It was all owned by Cuahtémoc-Moctezuma and passed into the hands of the foreign brewer in 2010:

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