Who is the Chinese businessman who “mysteriously” disappeared in 2017 and is being tried in Beijing

Xiao, who controlled the Tomorrow Group conglomerate and has close family ties to Communist Party leaders, has not been seen in public since 2017, after Chinese police kidnapped him from a hotel in Hong Kong.

July 04, 2022 17.44

Xiao Jianghuathe Canadian-Chinese businessman who was kidnapped in Hong Kong With hardly any explanations 2017On Monday, he was tried in China, the Canadian Embassy in Beijing told Forbes in a statement; After days of bosses Communist Party They were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the city’s surrender and rejected criticism of the erosion of the liberties they promised to protect.

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– The Canadian Embassy in China told Forbes that it was aware of Xiao’s trial.

Consular officials are closely following the case and providing support to the Xiao family.

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– The embassy refused to give further details about the trial and about Xiao for privacy reasons.

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– Xiao, who took control of the conglomerate Tomorrow group It has strong family ties with leaders Communist PartyHe has not been seen in public since 2017, after Chinese police kidnapped him from a hotel in Hong Kong and rushed him across the border to mainland China.

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It is unclear what charges Xiao may face, and Chinese officials have been silent on the matter since his disappearance in 2017.

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– according to The Wall Street Journalciting people familiar with the matter, prosecutors plan to indict Xiao Illegally collecting public deposits, a crime that can carry a sentence of five years or more in prison.

Xiao Jianhua, the student leader who became a kidnapped magnate |  financial times


It is alleged that the disappearance of Xiao, who at the time was one of the richest men in China, is linked to a widespread anti-corruption campaign by the Chinese president. Xi JinpingWhich, according to critics, seeks to consolidate its power more than end corruption.

He hadn’t heard much about Xiao since his disappearance and dismantling of his trading empire. According to TI am the guardianXiao denied being kidnapped in two social media posts on his company’s account, although both have since been deleted and there are many unknowns surrounding his disappearance.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

The incident vigorously refuted the notion that literacy in China is beyond reach Beijing. It also raised deep questions about independence and the future Hong KongAmidst a wave of disappearances feared to be the work of Chinese agents.

At the time of Xiao’s disappearance, only Hong Kong police could legally operate in the city. Since then, Beijing has passed a sweeping security law giving it sweeping powers to crack down on dissent in the city, which critics say has undermined the freedoms China has promised to protect.

Article published in Forbes magazine USA.

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