Who is Carlos Ballarta, the comedian who threw himself against Chespirito

Carlos Pallarta is a famous comedian (Image: Instagram)

Carlos Pallarta caused an uproar by criticizing Chespirito After you express your opinion about the program Extended version with Tenoch Huerta.

Carlos is a 31-year-old comedian from Mexico City who ventured into the stand-up world by chance because he couldn’t study communication and thus started dubbing movies.

In this way, meet the standupiro Paco Maya Which helped him enter the world of comedy shows where he found his true passion.

Ballarta is famous for The long hair and dark glasses he wears to avoid the pain he feels when he appears in public. He also managed to unite himself in front of younger viewers, describing him on his Facebook account as: “The only one who has three jokes about corn.”

The comedian was known for his signature glasses and long hair (Image: Instagram)
The comedian was known for his signature glasses and long hair (Image: Instagram)

He started making people laugh in 2012 and since then has appeared on multiple occasions Comedy Central And three one-hour specials at Netflix between them ñera angry and God died.

His fame started with his participation in the show It’s night… and I’m here by Rene Franco, with a straightforward diagram of a routine he wrote himself. It has also been introduced in Latin America, Europe, and the United States.

Ballarta is also known for appearing in various films as an actor or even for being a part of productions. Some of his dubbing works in television and cinema were: “Alaska, Primitive Men”, “Gotham-Lucius Fox”, “Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening”, “Lupin III”, among others. He is currently devoted to giving his opinion and discussing issues on the public agenda in his podcast Status Qlo and in the list.

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Carlos caught the attention of netizens because of the above criticisms made by Roberto Gomez Bolaños and the role it played during the various dictatorships that took place several years ago in Latin America.

The famous man sparked controversy for his opinion on Chespirito (Photo: ballartavaleverga/file)
The famous man sparked controversy for his opinion on Chespirito (Photo: ballartavaleverga/file)

Standupiro revealed that from his point of view Thinking is not one of the main tasks that comedy should fulfill, although it often happens like this.

In the same way, he admitted that he does not allow his son to see this kind of content because it does not seem right: “At least at home, I don’t let my son watch those shows, Grid.”.

The comedian expressed his unwillingness to “get involved” too much in controversial topics, but thought it necessary to talk about one of the most famous Mexican television personalities in the world. In this way, Ballarta said his opinion was also based on actions he had done in 1997 when he traveled to Chile.

For the sake of dignity, to find out that Chespirito went to Chile and appeared in the National Stadium where the students were tortured.; For the fact that Pinochet received it in recognition of the state and its success during all dictatorships, ”the famous declared.

Photos: @LaTeleTuya / @chavodel8tv / @chdenovo
Photos: @LaTeleTuya / @chavodel8tv / @chdenovo

This and more launched various criticisms on social networks, some in favor of what the comedian said, and the notable comments are: “He’s right, Chespirito was a tool in the Chilean and Argentine dictatorships, and he was also an anti-rights.”“We all agree with Carlos Pallarta, right?”

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While others were against Carlos and expressed dissatisfaction that made them speak ill of the actor who still retains a legacy.

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