Who get loans up to $240,000

As of June 2022, two requirements have been renewed for loans of up to 240,000 pesos that retirees and retirees can access.

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06/21/2022 – 08:22 AM

Implementation of the National Social Security Administration New requirements as of June 2022 to access a loan of up to $240,000 It is offered by the ANSES credit program to five groups of retirees and retirees.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that ANSES Update two requirements A key to access an ANSES credential: Maximum age and maximum quota income allowed to be deducted.

As of this month, 92 years is the maximum age for the five groups who are authorized to pay the installments corresponding to a loan.

New Anses loans for retirees and retirees.

New Anses loans for retirees and retirees.

In contrast, ANSES applies from June 2022, and Second annual salary increase for retireesand pensioners 15% for salaries and other allowances paid by the Social Security Authority.

ANSES Credits: What are the loan lines

ANSES HAVE Five lines of loans With low rates and minimum requirements, depending on the type of pension, three of them will see adjustments from June 2022:

  • ANSES Credits for Pensioners and Pensioners.
  • ANSES Credits for Universal Old Age Pension (PUAM) or Non-Contributory Old Age Pension.
  • ANSES Credits for Non-contributory Pensions (PnC) for Disability and Mother of Seven Children.
  • ANSES Pension Compensation Scheme loans for former political prisoners.
  • ANSES Credits for Veterans Honorary Pensions.

The 15% increase also affects the value of the minimum fee to be paid to applicants for a loan from the ANSES Credit Program. The values ​​are as follows:

  • ANSES Credits for Pensioners: The minimum premium to pay is $11,257.5.
  • ANSES Non-Contributory PnC Disability Credits: $5,253.4 minimum fee to be paid.
  • ANSES Non-Contributory Pension Credits (PnC) for Mothers of Seven or More Children: $7,505 minimum fee to be paid.
  • ANSES Pension Credits (PnC) for Seniors: Minimum Premium Value $5,253.4.
  • ANSES Universal Aged Pension (PUAM) credits: $6004 minimum premium.

ANSES Credits: How to Get a Loan Up to $240K

for Get creditsYou must enter the My ANSES application with your Social Security key and CUIL. Then, in the menu, select the ANSES Credits option, and request a credit – Retirement and Pension.

The answer triggers new credits.

The answer triggers new credits.

You can simulate the amount and number of premiums. Next, you have to choose the term and amount option you prefer.

Once all data has been verified (DNI, CBU or the account where it is charged and the exact amount and fee), the application can be sent. if it was The request has been sent successfully. The voucher must be downloaded and saved.

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