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JASTONIA, NC (Associated Press) – Kelsey Whitmore defended left field and finished ninth in the offensive standings for the Staten Island Ferryhawks on Sunday, becoming the first woman to play in the Atlantic League and one of the first to do so in a major tie league. Major League Baseball.

Edgardo Alfonso, the Venezuelan manager of FerryHawks, has included the 23-year-old in the squad for the away match against Gastonia Honey Hunters.

Whitmore, hitting with his right hand, went 0 for 2. He hit on his first hit, hit hit on second—run to first base after broken pitch hit his arm—and headed right on his third down. I was relieved by a pinch hitter in a 10-5 loss.

On the ground, Whitmore picked up a few balls of flies on his way.

Whitmore had come off the bench in Staten Island, making her April 21 debut in Charleston as a two-stroke sprinter in the ninth inning.

Whitmore could also play and work with former MLB pitching coach Nelson Figueroa, but he didn’t take the hill in a game with Staten Island.

Whitmore, the former Cal State softball player, signed Fullerton with Staten Island this month, one of several notable moments for women in baseball this season.

Last month, San Francisco Giants coach Alyssa Naken came in as the contingency head coach for an MLB game. Days earlier, Rachel Balkovich scored her first win as a manager for the New York Yankees’ first-tier Tampa Tarpons, becoming the first woman to coach a major league team’s affiliate.

The Atlantic teams are not part of the major league branch structure, but the department is a member of the MLB. It’s also a leap in quality in regards to the Pacific League.

Whitmore said before the season: “I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had. This is a huge opportunity, by far, because it has reached another level.”

At least two other women have played in a league with the MLB ties: Lee Anne Ketcham and Julie Croteau were part of the Maui Stingrays in the Hawaiian Winter League in 1994.

Whitmore said, “Playing baseball at the highest level is my goal. If you ask any other player in the league what their goal is, it is the same thing, go to the next level and get to the highest level you can play.”

“Ultimately, I want to play in a branch. I want it to be my career, my job and to be a part of it as much as possible.”

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