Which players cheat the most? A study analyzing the most common scams

The data published by time2play collects techniques that Spanish players use to gain an advantage.

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traps One of the usual challenges that video game companies faceEspecially when it comes to online games where hacking can ruin the experience. Recently, we met some genius Methods companies like Activision use to punish cheaters in Call of DutyThey come to remove their weapons in the game.

But how many players actually cheat? A study published by Elena Plaza Labrador’s time2play Highlights with some interesting characters: “We asked More than 1000 Spaniards Because of their playing habits.” The study revealed that 65% of players cheated on some occasionsfrom the simplest, such as looking at an opponent’s console, to the more complex, such as using hacks and adjustments.

Photo: time2playPhoto: time2play

In terms of platforms, the results suggest that PC players are a bit more cheaters, with 67% of computer game enthusiasts who admitted that they did not play fair on some occasions, in front of 60% on consoles. Between PlayStation and Xbox, the data is very even, with 60% of cheaters prefer Sony consoles compared to 58% who prefer Microsoft. Smartphone gamers are also in that 60%.

65% of players cheated on some occasionsFor the most common traps, the 54% of respondents confessed to using tricks to Improve your characters With increased life, speed or attack, while the second most used type of traps are actually ways to take advantage of bugs in the game, such as jumping on objects to get to places you shouldn’t be able to. The third most common trick is the one used to revive our characters, make them immortal, or gain infinite lives.

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The most common reasons for using this type of trick in video games are related to Help make some games less frustrating, get access to objects and levels that are not accessible, require a lot of time and effort, or simply to enrich the gaming experience. Hackers have not only become a problem for video game companies, but it has also been a very profitable business, although in some cases they cheat sellers. They had to pay up to $2000 for each user who used their hack.

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