Which Country Has the Most Family Guy Seasons on Netflix?

You’re probably familiar with how fragmented some shows can be on Netflix, depending on where you are in the world. This includes “Family Guy”, with some regions only including several of its nearly 20-season run.

To be fair, we can’t put the full blame on Netflix. They’d like nothing better than to provide their full catalog of shows internationally. Instead, most of the blame lies with TV and movie studios that license their content to Netflix. In this case, Disney (and what don’t they own nowadays?)

Unfortunately, you can’t find the full series on Netflix. At the time of writing, only 10 seasons are viewable on the platform. Check out Family Guy on StreamCatcher for more information, including:

  • Up-to-date info on which country has the most seasons of the show. Currently it’s Canada, but we recommend keeping the website bookmarked in case things change later down the line. And judging from prior experiences (we’re looking at you, The Office), they most certainly will.
  • You can also look up any other Netflix show in a similar way, and see which country is optimal for streaming.
  • See which VPNs are guaranteed to unblock Family Guy and other titles in your region.

Unfamiliar with how VPNs can enhance your streaming experience? Scroll on for the details.

Why Use a VPN to Watch Family Guy on Netflix

As mentioned, Netflix only has 10 seasons of the show, and Canada is the only place you can find all of them. More specifically, Canadian viewers gain access to an extra three seasons (9 through 11). If you’re a Netflix subscriber from abroad, then you’ll need to change your online location with a VPN.

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What they do is basically switch your IP address with one from a country of your choice (within your provider’s server network). Assuming you have a decent VPN, this will allow you to bypass most geo-blocks – whether it’s on Netflix, copyrighted YouTube videos, news articles, and so on. You can even watch content on streaming platforms exclusive to specific countries, such as BBC iPlayer.

Moreover, VPNs will encrypt your data – a fancy way of saying that your online behavior is masked. This means neither hackers nor your ISP can put your data in danger. As a neat side bonus, this prevents your ISP from throttling your bandwidth when you watch Netflix. No more irritating buffering just because your Internet provider thinks you’ve been streaming too much.

Your Choice of VPN Matters

Why use a subscription-based VPN and not a “free” one? So you don’t have to deal with:

  • Poor streaming speeds – free VPNs generally suffer from congested networks, due to their small number of highly populated servers. If you have a fast connection, be prepared for the provider to throttle your bandwidth to maintain relatively equal speeds for all users.
  • Limited monthly data caps – from 500 MB to 10 GB; not too great unless you watch a couple of episodes of “Family Guy” a week, at most. Even fewer if you prefer watching in crisp HD quality.
  • The dangers of free VPNs – which range from selling your browsing and location data to advertising companies, leaking your data online, to outright infecting your device with malware.
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Finally, free VPNs are frequently blocked by Netflix and plenty of other streaming platforms. Subbing to a decent provider (like those recommended by StreamCatcher) will let you unblock all your favorite shows without running into the dreaded “Netflix proxy error.” And with 30 day money-back guarantees in place, you risk nothing but the couple of minutes it takes to sign up.

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