Where to see the 2021 Joya Candidate films

The Joya Films 2021 They lived a difficult year in its fair. With cinemas closed or restricted to very small seats, the films were not on the right track in the other awards editions.

Goya filters arrive at Concert next March 6 Without it being hardly ever seen in cinemas, there are alternatives to watching it. The exceptional moment in which we are living due to the health crisis and successive waves of infection, has precipitated that a large part of audiovisual works with nominations for Goya 2021, has already made the leap to Platforms flow. Next, we’re going to take a tour of the Joya nominated movies that you can enjoy from home, and there is one that we already know will be a winner and it’s now available online!

If you are resisting giving up the big screen, check out your town’s billboard. Although that was to a lesser degree than in other years, many of them Movie theaters, which are geographically distributed throughout the state, are resistant to screening some films with nominations these days At the 2021 Joya Awards. In some cinemas we can find titles like ‘the girls’And the ‘Rosa’s wedding’And the “uncomfortable”And the ‘passionate’ The ‘Ane’, Which together add up to Goya’s thirty nominations. With a bigger presence, another film that stands out, although not Spanish, has been nominated: UK Film ‘the father’, Joya ‘nominee in the Best European Film category, in fifty roles in the country.

Goia Candidates without leaving home

Joya films sneak into your house. Movistar +, Rakuten TV, Google Play, Filmin, Netflix, Prime Video, or Apple TV +, various The nominated films for Goya 2021 are already part of the catalog of the main platforms flow To enjoy the best of Spanish cinema without leaving the sofa. Even if you are not a subscriber, in some cases movies are offered on demand, you can watch them by paying rent. Make popcorn!

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‘Ad’ Do you The film that reached the 2021 Joya Awards with the most number of nominations. Aspire won 13 awards, including Best Film. You will find it available on Netflix, Rakuten TV, and Orange TV. It will also go on sale on DVD and Blue-ray from the early days of March.

ADÚ | Official Trailer | Paramount Pictures Spain

‘the girls’Joya, which was also nominated for Best Picture, and 8 other awards, can be seen on Rakuten TV, Movistar +, Filmin, Google Play Movies and Apple TV. It is shown in dozens of theaters across the country.

Girls | The official announcement

With 9 other nominations, it’s among the 2021 Goya Aspiring Films for more awards as well Akilari. You will find it online at Movistar + and Filmin.

Akelaar | Official Ad Avalon

‘Rosa’s wedding’ He arrives at the Joya Awards as a nominee to win a prize in up to 8 categories, among which is Best Film. Available in flow en Rakuten TV, Filmin, Movistar +, Orange TV, Google Play Movies and Apple TV.

Rosa’s wedding. The official announcement

Aspiring 6 Joya Awards in 2021, the next movie that will receive the most number of nominations that you can enjoy from home is Black Beach. You will find it on Netflix.

Black Beach – Trailer (HD)

do not kill, The nominee in 3 categories, is already in the catalog of Rakuten TV, Movistar +, Filmin, Orange TV, Vodafone TV and Google Play Movies. You can also find it in some movie theaters for sale on Blue-ray and DVD.

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Three other Spanish films aiming at Goya’s upcoming 3 awards are also available on platforms flow: you can see Secret assets And Netflix, e Unfortunate stories s “Explode, explode” On Amazon Prime Video; The latter is already available on Blu-ray.

On Rakuten TV, Movistar + and Google Play Movies you’ll find titles like “The summer we live in” – Was nominated in two categories – and Officer and Spy s ‘drop’ -Both of them with a nomination in this edition of Joya. In the case of “Falling,” you can also access it to enjoy it on Filmin, and even buy it now on DVD or Blue-ray.

‘one for all’And the Normal world s ‘Body of Christ’ It is also presented in the Movistar + catalog. In the case of the latter two, you’ll also find them on Rakuten TV and Filmin respectively.

Other Joya Awards nominated movies available to you on some platforms are ‘the plan’ (Nominated in 2 categories and available on Google Play Movies), and “I’m not here anymore” (Award-winning and can be accessed on Netflix).

In addition to Five of the thirteen short films were nominated In this 35th edition of the Goya Awards, you can also find it on Movistar +. They are fictional titles, ‘December 16’ s For the faceAnd three cartoons Blue and Malone: ​​Impossible CasesAnd the ‘Homeless home’ s ‘the shift’. If you put it all together, you could enjoy a movie session of over an hour in total.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you can also seize the opportunity to anticipate the 2021 Joya Awards. There is already known GoyaNow, you can view it on your device from Amazon Prime Video. In Class A. Best Animated Feature: La gallina Turuleca It has no competitor. It is the only feature film to be nominated for a Goya Award, so there is no doubt that it will receive it.

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Hen torlica. The official announcement. Already in movie theaters

You see that the offer is not short. Spanish cinema remains in great shape despite this tumultuous year and is more accessible than ever to sneak into our homes. Pre-party and enjoy Joya 2021 movies today. Long live Spanish cinema!

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