Where It All Ends, a science fiction novel with a critical message to society by Alvaro Cuevas

Science fiction is a blend of fictional narrative with scientific and technical elements, telling the incredible journeys that lead readers into an unexpected future. These attitudes regarding the progress of science can only be imagined in the mind of a very bold writer.

Alvaro Cuevas is the wonderful exponent of this type. The Spanish film and television screenwriter won a fairly large group of viewers, leading them to experience diverse emotions with his works such as where it all endsYou are new science fiction novel.

What is the story talking about? Where does it all end?“?

For centuries, the Earth has been lost in the vastness of space. Its inhabitants enjoy tranquility because four space stations orbiting the sun ensure the peace of mankind. Suddenly, strange digital beings arrived and the system is threatened. Elects the system exercised by the Supreme Court Akronstation lieutenant Welcome And his best warrior, to destroy the leader of the digital warriors rebels. This will discover a global conspiracy that is exhausting the energy of the Star Queen. The story also highlights the presence of atlasa teenager bullying In the story cycles this shows that he is more intelligent than the rest of his companions. His great desire is to be able to find the lost planet and discover all those landscapes that they only talk about in books; s Executive DirectorAtlas’ counselor who saw him wounded saves his life and places him in his oasis. The strongest group is nyawho prioritizes his survival, and changes sides if necessary.

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Reality and fiction in the same story by Alvaro Cuevas

A science fiction novel uses fantasy and science elements to bring characters to life, create the perfect setting and weave an interesting plot for the purpose of keeping the reader waiting while the story develops. This is why they use contact with AliensThe cloningThe Genetic mutationThe artificial networks who controls the world, robotsThe androids s traveling at that time, Which leads to a terrible future. These elements enrich a story full of contradictions, utopias, and turmoil that reveals a human future in better or worse condition. In all cases, the genre adapts itself to social, philosophical and political norms, which, along with scientific and technological progress, generates the interest of fans of science fiction novels.

where it all ends It reflects a dystopian future with a society in complete decline. It’s the first of three books that make up an epic All’Full of adventure, mystery and fantasy.

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