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Keiko Rivera, all fronts open, before he returns to TV

Is there a place for hope and forgiveness? Is it time to reach that long-awaited reconciliation? Could a clean page be to me tough that this looks like? Or is more fuel added to the fire? To these and other questions about the current complicated relationship he maintains with his mother, Isabel Pantuga, will have to answer Keiko Rivera, who returns on Sunday to sit at the TV set. He did so two months after the DJ highlighted the tension between the two on a mainly economic issue. It will be back in Deluxe where Kiko will interview, like the one named Singer: The Poisoned Inheritance, comes loaded with high expectations. Son Tonadillera will talk about everything that surrounded his people in these hard weeks, since a bitter dynastic struggle at the expense of Paquirri’s legacy became known. Now, the DJ has more open fronts popping up from various public data crosses that have elevated discord to emotional terrain. Keiko Rivera, on Isabel Bantuga: “You cannot fight against someone who is not fighting to see the gallery.” The penultimate chapter of this confrontation featured Isabelle, who this week wanted to clarify on Anna Rosa’s show her latest criticism. She deserted for her son. The problem, in this case, stems from the different interpretations that one and the other have given to the birthday greeting message the artist sent to one of her granddaughters. For Keiko Rivera, her mother’s tone was not the most appropriate in some of the expressions used, while Isabelle defended herself with a voice sent to the morning show where she said the following: “I wanted to congratulate my granddaughter on her five years. My darling Anna might be very happy with the people who They love you and they are with you.I hope you have a lot of games and enjoy yourself a lot and have fun with your sister Carlotta.I love you so much and will always love you.Please your mom is very nice, if she has the time, maybe she can’t even put this on you You hear your grandmother congratulated you. To my princesses, a very strong kiss, “the singer ended. Isabelle Bantuga gets back the car that she gave to her son Keiko Rivera See the photo gallery However, the complicated situation between Keiko Rivera and Isabel Pantuga ended up being scattered by other family members, such as his wife Irene Rosales, his sister Issa. Pantoja as well as his uncle Agustín. Regarding the latter, the right hand of Isabel, there are those who claim to be plotting to take legal action against his nephew after the DJ’s recent statements that do not leave him in a very good place. On the contrary, the person who is not planning to sue his mother is Keiko Rivera despite the fact that, according to the DJ, she has debts with him estimated at around three million euros. In this apparent predicament in which we find ourselves, Keiko is increasingly distancing herself from her mother while establishing an unprecedented relationship with her older brothers Francesco and Caetano. Their relatives, who were shaken this Friday by the death of Jose Rivera “Riverita”, Bakri’s brother, who witnessed this long-awaited closeness of his family. Irene Rosales blows up against those who blame her for the showdown between Keiko Rivera and her mother

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