Where do I find the passwords I saved on my cell phone?

Google includes a password manager on all Android mobile phones from its app. (9to5 google)

Users of applications, web pages and social networks have the option to save passwords on their mobile phones to avoid entering them each time the platform is accessed; But many of them don’t know and don’t care to know which part of storage Found deleted or modified.

Finding passwords depends on the type of browser that was used or if you enabled a Password manager additional. These places are limited so you can search all of them if you need to.

For example, during the period of cell phone use, connections are established Wifi in different contexts and spaces. In these cases, the passwords for each network can be found in the Wi-Fi settings located at System of the device, which is a division of each brand has it cell phone It provides access in a different way, but is usually found by long-pressing the Wi-Fi shortcut.

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In some cases, the keys Wifi They can be consulted through the option saved networks (or similar), this is only possible if the stored network to which the device is connected has configured a file password And not in the event that the networks are open.

Passwords for Wi-Fi networks are stored in the mobile network settings. Follow Favorite

If an open network generates a key later than the communication previously set, it will also not appear because it was not previously associated with the device with the new settings.

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from oath session It is possible to get rid of those networks that you no longer wish to connect to automatically. Also, access to the previously linked network can be shared with another person through a file QR code.

If passwords are used to access applications and web pages, they must be stored within the application Googlewhich includes a system for managing passwords associated with user accounts.

To access this manager it will only be necessary to follow these steps:

– Open the application Google from mobile phone.

Click on the user’s profile picture at the top right of the screen.

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– In the list, locate and click on the option passwords.

– The password manager will indicate a name or an address website Of all the apps or pages for which a password was registered using the account it was accessed from.

Google password manager. (Infobae)

By clicking on any named application in the list of managed users users They will be able to see the username or email used to log in, as well as the password associated with the account. If you want to remove this information from cell phoneAll you have to do is click on the “Delete” button.

If the password has been changed, on some occasions you can also access the Edit option, where you can modify a file data Log in as the stored account and its access key.

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If the user downloads a file boss passwords In addition, the keys you choose to store on this platform should appear after your application is accessed from cell phone.

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