Where did the two stolen cars end up? In Pedro – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región tire deposit and tire shop

The search for a stolen Chevrolet truck ended with the discovery of a business in the southern district, a warehouse with an unofficial tire shop annex, where, in addition to that car with a warrant, they found another car in the same condition and several more cars. Parts of uncertain origin. The person in charge of the place and another person were arrested on suspicion of covering up the crime of robbery.

The story began shortly before noon on Wednesday, with a call saying that a car parked in Paraguay at 6100 had been stolen. It’s a Chevrolet S10 truck with a theft reported on May 21 in Constitución, Urquiza.

The police who went to the scene did not find the pickup truck on the street, but during one walk they did discover a vehicle with similar characteristics on a gated property that housed a tire shop. Upon entering the house – after the owner’s approval, the official part states – they verified that it was indeed the car that had requested the hijacking.

But, in addition to this, the uniformed officers found another vehicle on the property, a Ford F100 truck, for which upon conducting the investigation an arrest warrant was also filed for a theft report on February 3 at 1600 hours on February 11.

Besides the two shots, the police officers found a large number of auto parts at the location, the source of which is not clear. There are 29 good condition covers with different tires, two gray bumpers, another pair of black, two gray and four black doors, a black trunk lid and hood, four front seats and one rear seat, 11 wheels, and three sheets. Metal and other alloys, two black fenders, two dashes in the shape of a torpedo, an intercooler.

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By order of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Flagrance, the owner of the place, identified as Pedro S. , 41, and the alleged young tire shop employee.

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