Where can I watch the show?

During recent days, Venus and Jupiter have begun to approach each other from Earth’s point of view. In the wee hours of Thursday, it will reach its maximum point of approach, at a distance of 29 minutes 24 inches.

In the sky, both planets are seen as the two brightest points: Venus will be the brightest, because it is the third brightest celestial body in the sky, after the sun and the moon,

In Argentina, this phenomenon can be seen in its greatest glory at 01:15.

As the experts explain, binoculars or telescopes are not necessary to appreciate the event, but they recommend staying as far away as possible from the light pollution of large cities. To see the conjunction, you must look to the west.

In the event that no one can view it from the sky, they can do so from NASA’s live broadcast and from astronomical observing platforms, such as the Virtual Telescope Project.

What is conjugation?

A conjunction occurs when two planets observed by a third party (usually Earth) are on the same celestial longitude.

It should be noted that the planets are very far from each other, more than 900 million km, so they cannot collide.

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