Where and when do you see a Star Wars Symphony at CDMX?

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symphony party CDMX Star Wars As the theme for this week, the Symphonic Concert will be the big event that frames the day for this movie in the 70s. The city will be a container for the great masses who will search for this place May 4 in the yard of the mayor’s office Venustiano Carranza.

What is the date of the appointment?

The world of DC cinema will meet in 7:00 pm.In memory of star Wars. “Al-Quwa” will be among the attendees at a live concert hosted by the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mexico City Through the INJUVE program, free entry.

Where did Star Wars day come from?

Highlighting history is something memorial. AndBritish daily London evening newspaperOn May 4, 1979, he congratulated the governor Margaret Thatcher for her victory as Minister of the United Kingdom. The unusual, iconic phrase from the George Lucas saga published by the paper: May the Force be with you, Maggie (May the force be with you mage).

This history, and of course, cemented the film’s viability among fans, and it became relevant in the following years in the form of conferences and festivals about Star Wars.

star wars music

infinite thanks to John Williamsthe composer of the music that appeared during the film, had it not been for this great musician, representative pieceCertainly, it wasn’t going to be what it is.

Star Wars Day Promoted by followers of the epic, it spread on social networks over time until it became a date Remembrance around the world With homemade marathons, festivals, costumes and more.

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Now you know, if you’re a big fan and have enough time this Wednesday, May 4th, Star Wars Symphony at CDMX It’s a great option to have a blast.

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