“When I was young, I never heard anyone speak my accent on TV.”

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Taz Skyler, Canary accent in One Piece

Taz Skylarthe actor known for his role Sanji in the anime series “One Piece” He is also responsible for dubbing his character in the Spanish version of the series distributed by Netflix, and supported the choice to adopt the Canarian dialect for his interpretation of the character in the dubbed version.


Taz Skyler was born in Tenerife in 1995. He is of mixed descent, to a father of Arab descent and a British mother. He started his career in the United Kingdom and holds both Spanish and British citizenship. It should be noted that in the original version of “One Piece”, Skyler gave Sanji a distinct British accent, while in the version dubbed into Spanish, he chose to use a Canary accent, as opposed to the neutral pronunciation that the actors usually adopt. .dubbing.

Skyler himself shared his point of view in a message posted on the social network X (formerly known as Twitter): “When I was a kid, I never heard anyone speak with my accent on TV. I thank everyone who supported this dubbing choice and I hope that in my lifetime we can hear more voices from different places represented“.

In the story of “One Piece”, Sanji, Straw hat pirate chef, joins the cast of Going Merry in the fifth of eight episodes released by Netflix last week. Skyler’s performance received widespread praise on social media, with users also highlighting the uniqueness of hearing her Canary accent in the dubbed version.

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Taz Skylar

Taz Skylar

Taz Skylar

Despite the mostly positive evaluation of this decision, some viewers pointed out the apparent discrepancy between the interpretation of Sanji’s voice being played by him Taz SkylarHe is an actor accustomed to acting in front of the cameras, and among other characters, he is dubbed by professional voice actors who have more experience in this field. In addition, a difference was observed in the audio equalization process when listening to the series’ dialogues.

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