When adjustment is the only medicine those above give us

Buenos Aires Provincial Governor, Axel Kiselov, participated on Monday in a Day for the Right to Health held at the National University of Jose C. Paz (UNPAZ), together with the Minister of Health, Nicholas Kreplak, and the Dean of the Foundation, Dario Kosinski. In his speech, Kiselov put together a story about all the achievements his administration has made in terms of education and health.

but, He forgot to mention the lack of food in school canteens, the losses and gas leaks in public schools, and the salaries of teachers, which do not cover the basic food basket.. Nor did he mention that at the university he was at, there were thousands of children left without studying because of the adjustment, having to choose to pay their ticket to go to university or eat. Added to this is that there are no stakes because the same building in which the act took place has not been finished. Even from the medical degree itself, newcomers are told that they will have to choose between studying or working.

Another suggestion made by the governor is that the right to health is contested, and that it must be defended among all of us against those who would want to eliminate and privatize it. Of course, you have to stand up for the health of characters like Milei, but how is that done? It seems that Kicillof, CFK, and Frente de Todos’ strategy is to underfund health at the national and regional levels. This shows the last budget submitted by the ruling party and voted on by the right There was a 35% adjustment in health between 2021 and 2023. This is exactly what leads to emptying hospitals without resources and with professionals with miserable wages below the poverty line. Those workers who have been praised by the government have seen how they lose their incomes day by day to inflation, an adjustment made by this “national and popular” government, which allocates a large part of the budget to pay the International Monetary Fund.

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Empty Merchant Hospital

Anabella Cole, a PTS council member from La Paz who fronted the left unit, responded to Kiselov: “The governor’s pessimism seems to me as terrible for a provincial hospital as an empty merchant’s. A few weeks ago, incidents occurred when a fight broke out between the relatives of a patient who urgently needed transportation and the necessary resources were not available to care for her. Defunding regional and national government plays into Millai’s receding ideas for health privatization“.

This hospital only works thanks to the efforts of its workers, who are given miserable salaries by the government, always less than the basic basket. That Kicillof wants to wash his face knowing that this perilous situation is terrible. For this reason, we propose from the left front a centralized, unique, public health system financed by a budget increase on the basis of non-payment of external debt. In order for health not to be seen as a business, workers must control the health systemadded the teacher and the breadwinner.

organized and on the streets

It is important to discuss the county governor’s idea that social and economic rights are extracted through the state. Obviously, this idea seeks to make invisible the organization and struggle of the popular classes. This concept is typical of Peronism, which seeks to appropriate our achievements. The reality is just the opposite. For example. Denied by the state for decades, the right to abortion has triumphed in the streets by the feminist movement. The momentum of this movement overcame the “dinosaurs” of Congress, which proves this The only way to get what we want is to organize and in the streets, because the state will never give us anything.

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This is why we have to organize ourselves as students, workers, women and youth. From En clave Roja and Pan y Rosas we do not give up and face the adjustment. We organize ourselves in all the universities, where students can make a great fight against this government’s amendment and the advance of such senseless right as Milly, who, it is not enough to drown us in misery, wants to eradicate education and public health.

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