WhatsApp will stop working on these phones

WhatsApp will no longer be available on some mobile phones (Stein/dpa)

at the end of March cell phone with the operating system iOS 9 or earlier versions, Android 4.04 or earlier, and versions prior to KaiOS 2.4 will not be compatible with The WhatsApp. This is because of the system update that the messaging service does every year.

Like other tech companies, Every year we identify outdated hardware and software And those with fewer users to decide what we stop supporting. It is also possible that these devices may not have the latest security updates or functionality required to run WhatsApp,” as explained in the service’s official blog.

Changes always start in January and end at the end of March. How do you know the mobile operating system? in case if Iphoneyou have to go to General composition Then press “Info”. This will display the version of the software installed on the computer.

In the case of Android You have to go to settings or configuration and tap where it says About the phone and choose “Program Information”. This is the path in general, although there may be some difference depending on the model and brand of the cell phone.

On the other hand, The WhatsApp Notifies the user, in advance, when their operating system is not supported And it reminds you, in different cases, to update it.

What happens if WhatsApp continues to be used after the end of March on a mobile with an unsupported operating system? The service will work with failures, because the equipment will not be ready to support the new updates offered by the system. As time goes by, the situation will become more difficult as the app adds new updates over time.

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as users, The only option to update the operating system is to download the latest versions published by the manufacturers. In the case of very old models, companies stop updating their systems hence there is no option to get updated versions.

The most important developments that will reach WhatsApp in 2022

1. Emoticons to reply to WhatsApp

Reactions to messages on WhatsApp will arrive soon.  (Image: hypertext)
Reactions to messages on WhatsApp will arrive soon. (Image: hypertext)

iMessageAnd the Facebook Messenger And the Instagram Already this job, and goal It will add emojis to respond to messages people send and receive on WhatsApp.

To use it, you will have to tap on the respective message and then slide your finger over the icon you want to use. The reaction will be visible to everyone and will appear under the text or images.

2. Communities on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will implement a new feature called Communities.  (Photo The National)
WhatsApp will implement a new feature called Communities. (Photo The National)

Another novelty that the instant messaging app integrates is the creation of communities within groups. In this way, members of said spaces will be able to create several channels with different topics, similar to the Discord channel.

3. Group admins will be able to delete messages sent by chat members

Messaging app developers are working on a new chat feature for group admins. This will allow the creator of the group to delete messages posted by other members.

Deleted message on WhatsApp.  (Photo: WAbetaInfo)
Deleted message on WhatsApp. (Photo: WAbetaInfo)

This way, administrators have more control over what is shared in a WhatsApp group. When a message is deleted, the following note appears: “This has been deleted by the administrator”.

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4. Share the same photo or video in a chat at once

To save time, WhatsApp developers will share images or media files in some conversations and in your status at the same time. It is enough just to choose how to share the content by clicking on the camera icon in the chat, group or status.

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