WhatsApp will stop working from April 30th on these mobile phones

WhatsApp will stop working on April 30th on these mobile phones. (Photo: PQS)

The WhatsApp Will stop working in an extensive list of cell phone From 30 April 2022, After the service changed its privacy policy to introduce some minor modifications to support different versions of Operating System.

WhatsApp is one of the Messaging apps The most used, so it’s always useful to know What are the models mobile phones It is outdated to use it.

But, the vast majority of users can rest easy, since WhatsApp will continue to work in smart phones purchased in recent years; And if that’s the case, the consumer shouldn’t have any problem.

However, as will be detailed below, some models have become too old to work properly and WhatsApp has decided to stop supporting them from April 2022.

What smartphones will WhatsApp stop working on?

On the WhatsApp support site, the messaging app It will stop working on mobile phones Android With an operating system prior to 4.1. This means that to use WhatsApp, You must have Android with version 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

Android 4.1 was released in 2012, so Any Android system purchased in the last 6 or 8 years can continue to support WhatsApp next year without any problem.

And this is the old version of Android so the cell phone must be a real leftover to get an older version.

WhatsApp will also stop working in Iphone with previous versions of iOS 10 Released in 2016. However, the current version of iOS is iOS 15which is compatible with iPhone 6s Released in 2016, so Most iPhones from recent years will continue to be supported.

Smartphone from Apple and Android, respectively.  (Photo: Androidphoria)
Smartphone from Apple and Android, respectively. (Photo: Androidphoria)

A complete list of mobile phones that WhatsApp will stop working on

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Archos 53 Platinum

HTC Desire 500

-Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite

-Samsung Galaxy Trend II

– Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

Caterpillar Cat B15

– Sony Xperia M

Wiko Five Five

– Wiko Dark Knight

-Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

– Huawei Ascend G740

– ZTE Grand S Flex

– Lenovo A820

-Huawei Ascend Mate

-ZTE V956 -UMi X2

– Huawei Ascend D2

– Samsung Galaxy Core

– Faea F1


– ZTE Grand X Quad v987

– ZTE Grand Memo

-Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

-LG Lucid 2

-LG Optimus F7

– LG Optimus L3 II Dual

-LG Optimus F5

-LG Optimus L5II

– LG Optimus L5 II Dual

-LG Optimus L3II

– LG Optimus L7 II Dual

-LG Optimus L7 II

-LG Optimus F6

-LG Enact

– LG Optimus L4 II Dual

-LG Optimus F3

-LG Optimus L4II

-LG Optimus L2II

-LG Optimus F3Q

-Apple iPhone 4

– Apple iPhone 4s

– Apple iPhone SE. (And)

How to know the Android or iOS version

to find out what Android version If you have a cell phone and thus check if it is still compatible, you must perform the following steps:

1. Access settings.

2. Then enter Phone information (Depending on the Android version and its personalization category, it may have different names.)

3. Here inside, look for the option Android version Where your specific version number will appear.

To find out iOS version for iPhoneFollow these steps:

1. Go to the section public From phone settings.

2. Inside, tap the option Information that will appear at the top.

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3. Here, look at the field Software versionwhere the exact version of the operating system on the mobile phone will be displayed.

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