WhatsApp will no longer let a stranger know if you are online and last connected

WhatsApp logo. (Photo: ComputerHoy.com)

The WhatsApp It has implemented a new privacy feature that hides your connection and helps keep it “invisible” to people you haven’t saved to your contacts list. .’s app dead It enabled a new security feature where a user’s status, whether they were ‘online’ or not, and the last time they were logged in, could not be checked by someone who was never logged in with them. previous conversation, according to webinfo.

So far, whether or not users have restricted their privacy settings about their connection, a file Applications and third party websites can still access the information, Como WaStat, WaTools from ChatWatch.

Services, some for a fee, can only access private information if you enter a phone number. They have the ability to check if you were online at the time, as well as when was the last time you joined the app. Some go even further and allow numbers to be tracked To alert when the user is ‘Online’ Over a period of time, which can lead to bullying.

New privacy feature in WhatsApp

Today, WhatsApp technical support was confirmed via Twitter The app no ​​longer displays this information publicly and is currently only available to the user’s contacts. Apps and websites like those mentioned in the previous paragraphs will not be able to monitor the WhatsApp activity of any phone numberAnd if a mobile number is accessed, they will only show that it is ‘Offline’.

“To improve the privacy and security of our users, we are making it more difficult for people you don’t know and with whom you haven’t chatted to see the last connection time and online status on WhatsApp. This will not change anything between you, your friends, your family, and the companies you know with whom you have messaged before” , WhatsApp mentioned through their tech support.

09-08-2021 WhatsApp logo.  Responsible for Research and Technology Policy WHATSAPP
09-08-2021 WhatsApp logo. Responsible for Research and Technology Policy WHATSAPP

The change will mainly affect users who have our phone number, but have not added us as a contact (and we have not added them). Specifically, you can no longer check to see if a contact is online from apps and websites that previously could.

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Another security measure currently being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp, for both Android how iOSAnd It is to restrict which contacts can see the last time the user was logged in. When the functionality is integrated into the static version of the ‘app’, The “My contacts except…” option will appear in the “Last time” setting. time.

So you can remove the archived folder in WhatsApp from above

If you are one of those users who are bothered by the presence of the “archived” WhatsApp folder at the top of the chats, you must learn the trick that allows you to hide it. You don’t need a third party app to be able to apply the methodYou just have to follow these steps:

1. First, open the instant messaging app and go to system configuration.

2. Once you get there, look for the option Chats Touch it to get to a new screen where you’ll find options to set a specific background image for your chats, create backups, and export chats.

3. If you scroll to the bottom of this screen, you will see an option that says Keep chats archived. If you enable this, by default, chats you’ve archived in recent years will appear in the first chat on your home screen. When it is disabledArchived chats will disappear from your main chat and you will not hear from them again until you deactivate the option.

Chats are archived on WhatsApp.  (Photo: La Repubblica)
Chats are archived on WhatsApp. (Photo: La Repubblica)

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