WhatsApp will implement 11 new functions that will improve the messaging service

WhatsApp will add the functionality to reply to messages. (Photo: Ibinia)

The WhatsApp It seems to have remained practically unchanged over the years, since then, unlike cable, app news Mark Zuckerberg They are spontaneous. This does not mean that WhatsApp is not developing, Because the instant messaging app will implement 11 important new features.

Until the WhatsApp news reaches everyone, it will go through several stages: rumors and leaks, first beta testing, and finally activation for everyone. The following updates have already been released and will be available soon.

These are the 11 WhatsApp news on the way

– Audio transcription

WhatsApp has been reviving its voice memos feature for a while, with a new recorder and player. Part of this improvement will allow transcribing voice memos text, which you need to use third-party applications.

Audio notes.  (Photo: Andro4all)
Audio notes. (Photo: Andro4all)

So far, the tests we’ve seen have been done with Voice-to-Text notes Iphone And through the voice recognition service of An apple.

It remains to be seen if the functionality will end and if WhatsApp will do so Android.

Better backup control

specific, WhatsApp will let you choose to include photos, audio, videos, documents, and other files in the backup., indicating the space occupied by each file.

How to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive and iCloud 162
How to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive and iCloud 162

Currently, WhatsApp backups are not released from file storage google drive, but this may change in the future, which makes sense with this new setup screen.

– More alternatives in privacy

This will be one of the most important privacy changes in WhatsApp in recent times: It will be possible to selectively hide profile pictures, the time of the last connection and the information of some of your contacts.

WhatsApp can add the option "My contacts, except...".  (foto: WWWhat's New)
WhatsApp can add “My contacts, except…” option. (Photo: WWWhat’s New)

To do this, WhatsApp will offer an option to add “My contacts, except for…”, This allows you to keep this section visible to everyone except the people you select.

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WhatsApp has already started enabling this setting in beta, but it will take time to reach everyone in the world.

– WhatsApp for tablets

One of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp is the tablet version IPAD and Android.

The new multi-device WhatsApp mode will now allow you to chat without relying on your mobile device, Although this is possible in the first stage WhatsApp WebAnd WhatsApp Desktop App And on the mobile device.

WhatsApp on tablets.  (Photo: 20 minutes)
WhatsApp on tablets. (Photo: 20 minutes)

It is expected that later it will be possible to use it to use WhatsApp at the same time on the mobile phone and on the iPad or Android tablet.

– WhatsApp Themes

A new feature we don’t have details about yet but hopefully it will be completed, Is the possibility to change the color of the interface, to customize the appearance of the application.

Topics on WhatsApp.  (Photo: tuexpertomovil.com)
Topics on WhatsApp. (Photo: tuexpertomovil.com)

a few months ago, WaBetaInfo You mentioned that the app was working on allowing users to change the color of some interface elements such as the accent color displayed on buttons and text, although we haven’t heard from the news since.

– “Business Nearby” functionality implemented

One of the rare innovations that the company has confirmed directly is a directory of nearby companies, A kind of Yellow Pages built right into the app.

neighboring companies.  (Photo: Phonehouse Blog)
neighboring companies. (Photo: Phonehouse Blog)

Under the names of companies that are nearby and can be reached when starting a new conversation, Companies that use . will appear WhatsApp for Business around you and distinguish them into categories.

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Testing of this guide has already begun in Brazil It remains to be seen whether it will spread to the whole world.

– WhatsApp on various mobile devices

Rumors indicate that the future version of Multi-device WhatsApp mode will allow you to register another mobile device as a paired device, remain encrypted and independent.

Use WhatsApp on multiple devices.  (Photo: Cinco Dias - El Pais)
Use WhatsApp on multiple devices. (Photo: Cinco Dias – El Pais)

– Reactions to messages

WaBetaInfo told us about it WhatsApp is preparing to respond to messages, that is, the ability to choose emojis to respond to messages.

From what we can see, they work the same way as in Facebook Messenger NS Instagram.

Reply to messages on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Infotechnology.com)
Reply to messages on WhatsApp. (Photo: Infotechnology.com)

on the principle With a long press on the message, you can select any emoji to reply to the message without saying a single word. The other person will receive a notification that their message has been answered.

– Communities in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Communities is one of the most mysterious news, since we don’t have a lot of details at the moment about what exactly they will be or how they will act. At first glance, they look a lot like groups.

Communities on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Bolavip)
Communities on WhatsApp. (Photo: Bolavip)

Rumors have it that Communities will be a way to group WhatsApp groups by topic.

In this way, the community can accommodate different groups on more specific topics.

Delete messages without a specified time

currently, If you regret sending a WhatsApp message, you have exactly 68 minutes and 16 seconds to change your mind and delete the message for everyone. This has been the maximum since everyone was removed from WhatsApp in 2017.

Deleted message on WhatsApp.  (Photo: the official press)
Deleted message on WhatsApp. (Photo: the official press)

However, recently there have been indications that WhatsApp may eliminate the delay in deleting messages.

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This means that you can technically delete any message you’ve sent at any time.

– Swipe chats between iPhone and Android

This year, WhatsApp surprised us by opening the door to cross-platform WhatsApp chats, made possible for the first time with the new foldable phone from Samsung And he was next with him google browser Pixel 6.

Pass chats between iPhone and Android.  (Photo: MobileTrans)
Pass chats between iPhone and Android. (Photo: MobileTrans)

Chats can only be transferred from iPhones to a small number of Android phones, but that will change soon.

First of all, Google announced that this can be done with any mobile phone running Android 12, and in addition, the opposite step is still pending: transfer chats from Android to iPhone.

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