WhatsApp will ask for a second verification code to avoid account theft: this is how it will work

WhatsApp is working on a new security feature to prevent frequent account theft. It is located around a Second verification code That the application will request at a time Register the phone number on a new deviceto me WABetaInfo.

Although the file Two-step verification It is a very effective hacking prevention function, and many users have not activated it. Moreover, cyber attackers Constantly refining their methods of deceptionso any security feature is welcome.

Second verification code

Recently, unique – and effective – The method of work To steal WhatsApp accounts. An attacker can send you a message It asks for a six-digit code. To convince you to give it to him, he can tell you that he sent it to you by mistake.

If you give it to him, you will give him your account, as this code was not sent to you by mistake, but the six-digit code to activate your WhatsApp account on another device. From that moment on, he will be able to impersonate you to carry out other scams.

This is what WhatsApp wants to prevent by adding a second verification code. If someone falls into the trap, the attacker will not be able to activate the account. As shown in the image above, You will need a second verification codewhich will be sent to the victim’s phone.

Also, the message with the second verification code will alert the legitimate owner of the WhatsApp account that a login was attempted on another device. This way, the victim will be protected when they find out that they have tried to hack and will not provide the second code.

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WABetaInfo explains that the function Currently under development. It is expected to arrive first in the beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, and later in the final versions of the app. However, we still don’t know when it will happen.

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