WhatsApp will allow you to speed up the playback of voice messages, at last

The WhatsApp You are testing a new feature that will undoubtedly become the favorite of all voice messengers. Especially the long and endless ones. Finally they will allow users to listen to them at different speeds.

That is, we will be able to listen to an audio clip, for example, two minutes in one minute, if we choose to play it twice as fast. This will depend, of course, on how they decide to implement this feature in the future.

The information comes from WABetaInfo, A publication specialized in searching and finding new jobs for The WhatsApp And redirect it, to get a window into the future of the app. They haven’t yet posted screenshots of how the new voice messaging player works, but they made it clear that it would be available in both Iphone As in hardware Male in appearance.

It’s possible that the fast boot system works in such a way that the audio isn’t distorted or sharpened, but it does make up for it so that it continues to be heard well.

WhatsApp copy Telegram again?

This is one of the many functions that have already been available for years in other instant messaging apps, including cable. Is it just another copy from before The WhatsApp?

Maybe yes, but it’s also true that speeding up voice message playback is nothing new. Several other applications, whether for instant messaging or for other activities, provide the ability to speed up the sound. For example, it’s a very popular feature in podcast apps.

However, comparisons are inevitable. Note that Voice Message Quick Launch is in cable More than a year ago It is definitely very useful.

WhatsApp has a growing competition Photo by Photography Adam I.

More features coming to WhatsApp

The ability to speed up the playback of voice messages is one of the many new features that are about to be accessed The WhatsApp. In the coming weeks and months, it will activate:

  • Submit self-scanning photos. It complements the self-destructing messages, but now it can also be done with pictures
  • Finally, enable Backup encryption From messages made in iCloud or Google Drive. A security vulnerability that WhatsApp has faced for years.
  • Merging accounts WhatsApp, Instagram, and messaging between the two platforms.

On top of that, they have Improve security From WhatsApp Web, Enabled Desktop audio and video calls and making it work Better preservation system From chats until less bothered.

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