WhatsApp will allow you to hide your profile picture and contact time with specific contacts

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WhatsApp has tried to apologize to its users after the controversy caused by the new terms and conditions of the messaging app and the threats made by the company to those who did not accept it. Although it was said in the beginning All users who decide not to give “consent” to this new policy may lose their accountThe truth is that WhatsApp eventually backed out of this plan allowing the “rebels” to keep their profile and information within the platform.

However, many people decided to leave the app to move to others of the same type as Telegram. For this reason, during 2021 and in order to maintain the more than two billion registered users on its platform and to bring back those who have left, WhatsaApp decided to implement a series of updates with new tools and functions that improved people’s experience on topics such as personalization, functionality and privacy.

One of these new options that will soon come to the WhatsApp interface is a function that its users have been waiting for for a long time that is directly related to the possibility of restricting contact with unwanted people in the application as much as possible: Disable profile picture and call time for specific contacts.

This was indicated by the specialized portal WABetaInfo through an article in which it reported that although this tool was already announced three weeks ago, the truth is that this first notice was related to the option to include it only for iOS users . For this, The novelty of September 29 is related to the fact that thanks to the beta update, it can also be seen on Android.

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What is the WhatsApp application? WhatsApp is planning to add a new option “My contacts except…” for the last time, profile picture, about, so that you can finally exclude a contact to see specific data without setting it to “nobody”, detailed WABetaInfo.

This is what the option would look like on Android.  Photo: WABetaInfo
This is what the option would look like on Android. Photo: WABetaInfo

In the past, if someone wanted to block certain private information from a contact, whether it was known or not, there were only three options: Everyone, my contacts or nobody. With this new update, a fourth option has been included that allows to block a specific person so that they don’t pay in this way “only to the guilty.”

The “My contacts except…” option will be available in a future update and obviously you need an active internet connection to configure it. When you exclude a contact, The contact does not need to use an updated version of the application, because the server automatically manages these settings for you. So when this feature is enabled for beta testers, you can immediately start excluding contacts,” the post adds.

Finally, we must remember that this update is in development, so there is no version open to the public yet, not even to internet users who are part of the WhatsApp beta program. This is also a limitation of knowing exactly when the novelty arrived on both iOS and Android, although WABetaInfo has included that The new privacy settings are now a reality, so you just have to wait for WhatsApp to finalize the details And he could release it to all the stations he’s on, maybe before the end of the year.

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