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Want to keep your voice notes in another format? If you have noticed this simple curiosity in Then here we explain it to you. Through it, it is possible to send all kinds of content between Word or PDF files even a variety of photos and videos so that you can have a good time with all your contacts.

in the last days He updated his platform and implemented the “One Time Show” functionality. With it, anyone who receives a multimedia file from you can only view it once and then disappear, without having time to take a screenshot.

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Although the application may have many functions, there are strange data that very few users have noticed or used. For example, is Emoji on the occasion of the 17th of July. do you know why?

Well, here we are going to tell you about the peculiarity of this emoji which is causing questions from some people. If you have used it in Then you must know why he has such a special emoji day.

Why does the calendar feature emojis on July 17th on WhatsApp

In order to find out exactly what this cute emoji means , we should turn to a website that is responsible for collecting all the information and meanings for each of the symbols that Unicode adds year after year.

According to the source, it is mentioned that the postMUJI in the calendar that falls on July 17 is because this day is celebrated as Emoji Day all over the world, the date that was opened in 2014.

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Find out why the calendar emoji are dated July 17th and not another. (Photo: mag)

In the case of Facebook consoles, you can see the date of May 14, the date on which the birthday of the founder of the social network Mark Zuckerberg is celebrated.

Calendar, as it is known in English, is approved as part of In 2010 and in addition to in 2015.

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