WhatsApp: What would happen to their jobs if their terms of use were not accepted before May 15

in the beginning of the year The WhatsApp Send a message to users so that Acceptance of the new terms of use, A procedure that sparked controversy and Clarifications from the company. for this reason, Facebook decided to give more time So people can make that decision Until May 15th.

For those who accepted the message regarding WhatsApp’s terms of use, they have no more to do. However, those who postponed the decision, a mobile chat will be offered Different reminders during the next week.

Some of the screens that WhatsApp will introduce over the next week for users to accept the new terms of using the mobile messaging service

What will happen if the WhatsApp terms of use are not accepted? If the decision is postponed until May 15 after that Service functions will still be available. The company also clarifies that the chat can be used in full Even for users who did not accept the new terms of use.

“For those who have not yet had the opportunity to accept the update, Your accounts will not be deleted or lost functionality on May 15th. When asked about the matter, the company said, “We will continue to provide reminders to these users within WhatsApp in the coming weeks.”

WhatsApp will send a message that will gradually become continuous for users to review and accept the new terms of use. In some cases, some features may be limited Reading or sending messages Of application, but this would be a measure that the company will apply as a last resort and after exhausting all notifications after May 15th, it indicates from the help department On your website.

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in this context, WhatsApp terms of use can be accepted after May 15. This, in turn, is the only option that the company provides to users to ensure full use of the chat. For their part, those who do not wish to remain in the service They can delete the account, a Irreversible resolution, Since WhatsApp deletes all message history, groups and backups.


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