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The WhatsApp she is one from Messaging apps The most used and constantly innovating the functions of its platform to make the conversations between its users more entertaining, either using Stickers, gif o emojis.

Users can create their own stickers But the same does not happen with emoji Therefore, it is important to know the true meaning of it in order to use it correctly in the chat and to stay in touch with the conversation.

On The WhatsApp There are more than 500 emoticons that users can use to express how they feel, but among all of them, some stand out, such as the emojo of the “Flip upside down.”

What does the “inverted face” emoji mean?

This icon is one of the most popular icons in The WhatsAppAnd the Although to give it a better use, it is best to know its true meaning before attaching it to a message so that the recipient does not misinterpret it.

Issuance “Face Upside Down” Depends on emoji from “slightly smiling face”, A yellow face with simple eyes and a closed smile expresses positive, happy and friendly feelings.

last meanings “a little smiling face” It is a regressive tone, passive but aggressive or of irony. In this case, it applies when you want to indicate that something is OK, but the user knows it isn’t.

Correct use of emoji upside down face a “Face Upside Down” It is for situations where you want to convey sarcasm, sarcasm or joke. It means like an icon “bumpkin” who represents a “Oh, okay!”, according to the web emojiPedia.

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icon “bumpkin” its name mockery It represents someone who shrugs their shoulders to show that they don’t know a particular topic or that they didn’t pay attention when they should.

What are the top 10 most used emoji in the world?

According to a study conducted by the statistics portal Statista in collaboration with YouGov Spain, it has shown what emoji Most used when chatting:

  • emoji crying laughter, 56 percent use it.
  • emoji send kiss, 55 percent.
  • smiling emoji, 49 percent.
  • raise your thumbs, 45 percent use it.
  • palm clapping, It operates at 44 percent.
  • heart, 35 percent.
  • emoji with heart shaped eyes, It uses 33 percent.
  • sad crying emoji, The first has negative connotations in the list and is used by 17 percent.
  • expressive victory 9 percent.
  • Monkey emoji covering their mouth, eyes or ears, regardless of the order, 9 percent use it.

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