WhatsApp: What is the letter “i” that appears next to some messages in the app

The WhatsApp It keeps updating and one of its latest functionality, Temporary Messages, has added a notice: A lowercase letter “i” appears next to it Some chats. what does it mean?

“i” is an automatic warning from the message service. Indicates that temporary messages are active, and they are deleted after a certain time.

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What does the letter “i” mean in WhatsApp

This letter “i” can appear if the person we are talking to is Turn on temporary messages. The message, in this case, acts as a warning to those receiving the texts.

On the other hand, if we are the one who activates this function, the “i” It will appear on our devices only if the other user has not updated the application The temporary message function is not available.

The notification some users receive on WhatsApp (Photo: Courtesy Depor.com)

Temporary messages on WhatsApp

In December 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced an option Temporary messages are enabled by default In new WhatsApp conversations the deadline for them to disappear.

The temporary message feature, which is automatically deleted after a certain time, was launched in November 2020.

Underlying these privacy features is the idea that it is the user who should Decide how long the message should exist.

WhatsApp: What is a letter

Temporary messages, once activated, disappear after seven days, so far the only temporary option available. From December 2021, you can also choose between two other new periods: 24 hours and 90 days.

How to set temporary messages on WhatsApp

The default temporary messages option will start to reach all WhatsApp users gradually. In the meantime, you can set this option manually by following these steps.

  • sign in to Settings or Settings.
  • Inside the account, enter the option Privacy.
  • to pick default durationthen select the length of time, which can be 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.
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