WhatsApp web will allow you to edit photos from your computer

This happens with WhatsApp photo editor Which will now also come to the desktop and navigation version. One of the most widely used applications around the world, It recently provided an update to the beta version of its app This will allow you to edit all the photos from WhatsApp Web.

Photo editing is reduced to just one photo Minor feature updateThe picture can be Edit with textadding Emoji, stickers or hand drawing, but you don’t have the ability to add filters like those in your mobile device.

Focus on what’s new, Each one can be selected using the mouse and typing on the keyboard whenever you need it, As if it were a traditional editing tool.

In the case of freehand drawing, you will only have to do this Hold the left button To write as soon as you choose the color. However, this is an achievement for the company in this regard, balancing the features of one version with those of the rest.

So far, This feature appears in the beta version of the app, so it will be a matter of time before they appear in the original version of the app.

keep waitingHowever, in the meantime, you can enjoy this feature from your cell phone regardless of whether it is iOS or Android as both versions have it.

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