WhatsApp Web now works even with the cell phone turned off: How to activate it

After several weeks of development in beta form, The WhatsApp All new users are activated Multi-device mode For both web version and desktop software. This new and ambitious feature allows you to use an account without connecting to the main device Internet.

So, it will be possible Keep conversations going if your cell phone battery runs out or doesn’t have a stable connection. Also keep your conversations and multimedia content in sync.

The process for activating the new multi-device WhatsApp mode is very similar to the one used by the messaging app in the previous version.

By selecting the “Linked Devices” option, WhatsApp states that the functionality will come to link up to four of the same account.

Remember that WhatsApp allowed him to connect the account to the computer, but it was necessary that the main smartphone be connected to the Internet. Now, users with an iPhone or Android mobile phone can access the “Settings or Configuration” option from the app and Go to Linked Devices to add a new device.

After that, it will be necessary to access the web or desktop version and scan with the phone’s camera, the QR that will appear on the screen.

The new multi-device mode in WhatsApp has a key feature of a new architecture Gives priority to sending messagesand calls and video calls from any device.

The updated version of WhatsApp Web now does not depend on the work connected to the cell phone.

The updated version of WhatsApp Web now does not depend on the work connected to the cell phone.

If a contact sends a WhatsApp message from PC, The app will send it directly to the recipient, while you will also backup your chat on the main device in order to sync messages. Previously, the smartphone always acted as an intermediary in this process.

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What is multi-device mode for WhatsApp?

Meta . owned messaging service allows Connect up to four devices Additional without the need for the main cell phone to have an active Internet connection, either through data or Wi-Fi.

At the moment, the new multi-device mode is only available in the app for iPhone and Android, as well as in the desktop version; Through the web and through apps available for macOS and Windows.

Despite this innovation in the platform, The Messenger is still indebted to its users, since they are not yet able to make the same account work on two phones; Although the sources involved in filtering the news that reach the messaging platform predict the possibility of its arrival in the coming months.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, runs on a file The original app for iPadApple tablets. If successful, this new multi-device mode will be enabled to be activated outside of the web or desktop version. At the moment, the app is under development, but it is expected to arrive in its final form in the coming months.


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