WhatsApp Web lets you edit photos with stickers: how does it work?

WhatsApp Web allows us to edit the images we send to our contacts: they can be modified to add emojis, text or graphics, crop or rotate. The same thing that could have been done before only from a cell phone.

Among the options to be able to edit an image are emojis, text boxes, hand drawings, and crop option. You just have to select it by clicking on the option you want to add and place it on the site and in the desired size. Same thing from a cell phone. In the case of the crop tool, you just have to select the area of ​​the image you want to send.

There is an additional option, which is not available in the editing tool of the mobile version, it allows it Choose from the same stickers Stored in the cell phone and put whatever you want in the picture. If it is moving, it can also be combined, but since it is a static image, it will not have movement.

The utility also provides, as in mobile phones, the undo and redo buttons, in the event that there is something we did not like as it was and we want to go back or, on the contrary, want to restore something that we unzipped earlier .

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