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. emoji It has been in effect since 2009, even when the company added attachments It was animated and was thought to replace the classic emoji. It is common to use different symbols in a conversation, these symbols convey feelings such as: love, hate, sadness, happiness, etc. Also, to replace certain words or represent something, but there are some that hide an interesting story like the case of the collision of beer mugs Do you know what caused it to crash? We will explain that below.

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according to It is a web portal dedicated to counting the number of times an emoji is shared in real time by Twitter, and it places the beer icon at the 252nd position, making it one of the most used sites in various messaging and social networking platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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What is the meaning of emoji

Emojis were created in 2010 and approved by Unicode in 2015, The WhatsApp Dubbed the “Tinkle of Beer Mugs,” they appear as two giant glasses of very cold beer with foamy heads bumping into each other, representing a festive toast or traditional cheer! .

Why do you collide? There are two reasons people perform this gesture, the first originated in Europe, where people felt that the sound emitted when striking jugs drove away evil spirits. The second indicates that when the two glasses collide, the liquid spilled from one cup to another, this is a test to give confidence that the drinks were not poisoned or adulterated, even in Peru the usual phrase is said, Get the poison out of the beer bottle..

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Emojis are also known

  • beer
  • the health.
  • Rattle beer glasses.
The design of the icons varies depending on the operating system, mobile device or social network (Image: Emojipedia)

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