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It was only a matter of time before geeks figured out how to display photos or videos that disappear as soon as you watch them. . The system promises that the recipient of the image will not be able to see it again once the visualization is closed. The little problem is that there is a trick to keeping it available and not showing it as open source.

The simplest solution is to take a screenshot and thus skip the whole trick, but doing something like that is very boring. For this reason, we are sharing the procedure so that the image remains available.

WhatsApp | A guide to watching “self-destruct” articles

As shown EngadgetThe trick is to use NS whatsapp for pc And integrate it with the airplane mode in the smartphone. If you do it correctly, you will cheat the system and you will be able to open the image as many times as you want. One detail is that the trick works with the old version of WhatsApp Web and not the new multi-device beta.

It should be noted that you do not have to open the image for anything until the process is complete. Once you get the photo or video, don’t open it and go to Then activate Airplane mode in the phone, thus bypassing the platform rules.

Activating Airplane Mode shouldn’t be a challenge for users . If you have Android, just bring up the notification panel by swiping from top to bottom and touch on Airplane mode. On your iPhone, swipe from the top right of the screen until all icons are displayed and tap on the airplane icon.

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The best part of the trick is that, no matter how many times you watch the photo or video, at no time will it appear that the material has been opened.

Once you’ve done the trick, you should shut down Whatsapp web Just before you disable Airplane mode. If not, there is a chance that the web platform will sync your activity and it will appear that you have already opened the content.

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