WhatsApp: The Seven New Jobs That Will Arrive in 2022

WhatsApp is the most used chatting appSend photos or videos and talk to people all over the world. The messaging platform is usually replenished with news and this is the most important one that is expected to arrive during 2022.

Many have already been filtered by professionals such as Gate WABetaInfo, as well as many of them presented by T.N Techno.

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Seven new WhatsApp features for 2022

Reactions to messages

In the middle of 2021, it became known that WhatsApp was working Incorporate feedback on your messaging service, a function that allows the user to express how he feels about a particular message through an emoji, which will be visible to all members of the conversation.

Instead of replying to the chat We can put a thumbs up, a smiling face, or a sad face. As in social networks.

Although it was initially unknown how the reactions would be implemented, WABetaInfo Share a photo showing his appearance in this service where Obviously the feedback will appear below the shared text or file in a conversation.

This is what emojis look like in chat reactions (Photo: WABetaInfo).

Integration with Instagram

Being part of Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, WhatsApp can take advantage of the semi-monopoly of social networks Mark Zuckerberg.

One of the possible developments Messaging app integration with Instagram and/or Facebook Messenger. With the first, the integration could go even further, to allow viewing of reels, short videos on Instagram, on WhatsApp.

good mood

To improve privacy, avoid annoying bosses or contacts, WhatsApp will allow you to selectively choose which users will be able to see the time of your last connection or read messages.

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The new option in WhatsApp: "My contacts except..." (Photo: WABetaInfo).
New option in WhatsApp: “My contacts except…” (Photo: WABetaInfo).

This new feature will allow users to choose to make all their contacts see the time of the last connection by default, but Make an exception for some contactsWithout the need to hide this information from everyone

Hide information by calling

WhatsApp will also selectively optimize the settings, to Be able to specify the type of information that contacts can see.

For example, we can choose that Profile picture, status or account description is hidden. Or choose to be seen by our contacts or nobody.

WhatsApp: The Seven New Jobs That Will Arrive in 2022

Sticker Creator

In just a few clicks and without using external apps Stickers can be created on WhatsApp Web, both in the browser version and in the app for Windows and Mac.

What’s new is editing photos, clippings, adding texts, emojis and other stickers This can be done directly from WhatsApp on the cell phone.

WhatsApp: The Seven New Jobs That Will Arrive in 2022
to: (Photo: Captura TN Tecno)

phonetic transcription

There are many external applications for Convert voice messages to text. But WhatsApp has been testing the iPhone for a tool built into the app.

The idea is that when we are unable to reproduce the sound, we use this option for that The system transcribes what is spoken and converts it into text.

Copy function, leaked before the final official announcement.
Copy function, leaked before the final official announcement.to: (Photo: WABetaInfo)

Delete messages without time limit

It’s been a long time since then WhatsApp allows you to delete messages, photos or videos. But for a while.

The rumor is that This limit will be removed And we won’t have to rush to delete something that the recipient – or if it’s a group chat – sees.

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