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The WhatsApp Never stop innovating and improving. Since the beginning of the year, owned by instant messaging platform Goal Launched and announced several novelty tools. It seems that the next step is Reviving an Old Dream: Editing Sent Letters.

The text editing tool is an interesting option because files It will avoid having to delete a message The WhatsApp-most-awaited-function for images sent by mistake -20220526-0038.html “target=”_blank”> by mistake: It will be enough just to change the content once it has been sent to the contact.

As reported by WABetaInfo, this new feature Coming to Apple iOS and Android, as well as desktop and web versions from the messaging platform.

What will WhatsApp do? Add an extra button to the functions that we currently find when we click on a message.

Now in the menu we have the option to delete and information about the shipment. But with the text update It will be released from the text field, as if it were a normal new message, and not from the message bubble already sent.

Sender will have to Hit the Send message button and the app will replace it.

This is how text editing will work The WhatsApp.

The niche site guarantees, at least for the time being, The job does not show editing history. As a result, neither the sender nor the recipient will be able to see the original message or if it had previous edits.

It’s also unclear if the messaging app will display notifications when text changes, as in Slack, Discord or Telegram.. secondly, The WhatsApp You can set a deadline to edit this message as you have already done with the ability to delete it.

This tool is still in the development stages, so It’s too early to tell how it will check for all users.

It is interesting that this is not the first time The WhatsApp Offers a message edit button. In fact, the company also He thought about bringing the feature to the app five years ago, but eventually gave up.

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