WhatsApp: The 5 New Jobs Coming in 2022

WhatsApp logo. (Photo: Addiction)

The WhatsApp Announced many new features that are coming this year for the app Messaging service profile. In fact, some were already known due to the beta versions released last year.

At infobae we present the new options that will be available in the coming months.

that launched the application and some official announcements, it is already known what news users will be able to enjoy in the next day

delete messages

Today, messages can be deleted one hour after they are sent.

Well, now WhatsApp is betting It has the ability to delete messages without time limit.

Deleted message on WhatsApp.  (Photo: the official press)
Deleted message on WhatsApp. (Photo: the official press)

Hide contact, photo and check reading for some contacts

This information, which appears below the contact and indicates the time of the last contact of all contacts, can be deactivated. With upcoming updates It will be possible to hide it only for specific contacts.

the above, It will also apply to reading check.

In addition, comes the possibility of hiding Profile picture and description, among other information.

Hide contact in WhatsApp for some contacts.  (Photo: WABeta Info)
Hide contact in WhatsApp for some contacts. (Photo: WABeta Info)

Reply to a message with feedback

This is one of the functions seen in other apps dead, Before Facebook social networking site.

As mentioned WABetaInfo, it will be possible in the not too distant future Reply to a message only with heart reaction, surprise, disgust, anger, among others.

Reply to messages on WhatsApp.  (Photo: Infotechnology.com)
Reply to messages on WhatsApp. (Photo: Infotechnology.com)

transcribe voice messages

When it comes to audio note-taking tools, the app has previously ventured with audio accelerators, allowing those voice messages to play faster.

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Currently, they are working on Transcription to text messages that come in voice notes in a conversation.

Transcribe audio to text in WhatsApp.  (Photo: 20 minutes)
Transcribe audio to text in WhatsApp. (Photo: 20 minutes)


WhatsApp has its own creator of attachments, which is one of the newer jobs.

While it is only available for WhatsApp Web, the application is expected to allow the extension The feature is available on mobile devices.

Whatsapp web.  (take photo)
Whatsapp web. (take photo)

WhatsApp: How to know if your message has been read when the contact has no active double blue verification

Some time ago, the app allowed users to decide if they wanted the two bathrooms to turn blue or gray when reading messages, thus giving them more privacy. However, it is now possible See if the person has already read the message even if the two pigeons remain gray. Best of all, you don’t need to download another app to find out.

To do this, you must first make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp, otherwise you must download it from your App Store (Android the iOS). Once your application is updated, you must follow these steps:

WhatsApp logo.  (Photo: ComputerHoy.com)
WhatsApp logo. (Photo: ComputerHoy.com)

Enter WhatsApp.

Open any chat in which the contact has disabled the two blue pigeons option.

– send a message.

– Next, send a voice message keeping in mind that it lasts at least one second, even if you didn’t say anything or it was pure noise.

With this last step you will be able to see if they have read you since then WhatsApp only has the option to deactivate the blue verification in text messages and not voice messages. That is, if after a while the recording appears in blue and not in green, then this means that the person has already opened the chat and read the message.

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