WhatsApp: So you can add songs to your states

It is one of the instant messaging application with the most users in the world, it has been downloaded more than 5000 billion times, but nevertheless, after a few years ago, it has implemented the “Countries” tool, The WhatsApp It didn’t have any functionality to load audio material, like songs or any other sounds we wanted to add to it. For this reason, specific applications have emerged to achieve this.

In the beginning when The WhatsApp Included “countries” that simulate social networking applications such as Instagram And (as he did too) social networking site facebook, Countries can be shared with audio because Ig Images app allows you to download any story you’ve edited with the audio you chose to put it on. Countries The WhatsApp They were filled with repeating “Ig” stories (Instagram) so that the user would have the opportunity to share the same story on Facebook, Instagram As is the case in The WhatsApp


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