WhatsApp Polls: This will be the image of a Meta gadget

The WhatsApp. (Photo: iPadizate)

Little by little, the Messaging appAnd The WhatsAppAnd Closes the gap with one of its big competitors: cable. This is because the app is owned by Goal You will have the ability to create polls directly in Application Without using third party apps or websites to achieve this.

An add-on that has proven to be very useful for its users, especially in groups.

The fact is that this absence is something that is not well understood, because we are not talking about something particularly complicated to implement. WABetaInfo, the website dedicated to the latest WhatsApp news, has been launched two shots Taken from WhatsApp beta for iOSAnd Version, where you can see How to create a survey From WhatsApp, as well interface of it.

The polls are still in development, so there may be changes as they come out (if any), but with what we have so far, Users can already get an idea of ​​the next new WhatsApp novelty.

Thanks to this application tool, users will be able to ask their friends about the best hotel to stay in a tourist place, or choose a movie to go to the cinema with a group.

What will be the process of creating polls in WhatsApp

Taking into account possible changes, since everything is under development, you can see the form in which the gadget will be deployed. An example will be a first step Put the question you want to ask, Why couldn’t it be otherwise.

Once this is done, Different responses can be configured That other members can choose if they want any of the suggested options. Later, You can see the screenshot where it shows there are a maximum of 5 options to choose from.

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Plugins are generally allowed, such as File Image tagging and scan activity interval settings. And the last, quite suitable, because it does not allow the desired result to last forever.

Surveys on WhatsApp.  (Photo: WABeta Info)
Surveys on WhatsApp. (Photo: WABeta Info)

This will be the interface for WhatsApp surveys

From what you can see in the WaBetaInfo screenshot, this feature allows users to create surveys from the app itself to send to groups. You can put a text with questions and then different options. Although 5 options are shown in the image, It is not known if there is a limit or if you can set as many options as you want.

Polls will greatly help in making group decisions without filling the conversation with messages. for example, They can be used to decide on a meeting place or to confirm who (and who won’t) go to a particular event.

It is much more comfortable than creating a doodle or making a “copy and paste message” where each name is written under a certain option. WaBetaInfo points out that once an option has been selected and voted on, The decision will be shared with the rest of the participants, Although it is not clear whether it is possible to verify who voted for each option.

The survey was posted in the WhatsApp group.  (Photo: WABetaInfo)
The survey was posted in the WhatsApp group. (Photo: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp will prioritize user safety

This will be achieved thanks to some of the things indicated by the previous source: Surveys are end-to-end encrypted As provided by default in the messaging app.

as a result of, People outside the group the question was created from will not be able to see anything, And you won’t worry about cyber criminals.

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