WhatsApp now has an “alarm against infidels”: what new function betrays any contact

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To maintain its position as the world’s favorite messaging app, The WhatsApp It constantly updates its service and surprises its users with it Unprecedented features.

The latest case is “secret state”through which anyone can share a photo, video, or text for 24 hours with a select group of their contacts instead of with everyone scheduled (as happened previously).

Although it is to update Innocent, it brings with it a controversial hidden section about users’ privacy. This is a new option that allows you to upload a file Log all operations within the social network: Number of messages and calls sent and received, number of statuses posted, etc. After that, all the necessary information.

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Latest from WhatsApp: How to see all account activity

Millions of users use it The WhatsApp daily to chat and connect with your contacts. However, not everyone knows how to operate the application accurately and They neglect certain tools.

For example, few know that, within the platform settings, you can access a full report of all your Activities that occurred within WhatsApp. This information is for the account that manages the cell phone and does not reveal data from another person.

However, in a context where more and more people are checking their partner’s cell phone, this job It could be dangerous Because it completely exposes the account holder. It should be noted that any such intrusion is an invasion of privacy.

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WhatsApp update: How to see message and status history

In the event that you would like to review your activity in The WhatsAppone must:

  • Open WhatsApp and enter the code settings.
  • I will do Storage and data Finally click data usage’. This way you will be able to access the hidden section of the app.

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