WhatsApp no ​​longer warns when someone leaves a group, but there is still a way to find out who has left

The new feature is being tested on iPhone and is expected to roll out to Android in the coming weeks.

almost weekly, The WhatsApp is release New Jobs to your messenger. In this set of novelties, those that focus on group chatWhich has gained a lot of followers by using it as a business tool.

And it’s now rolling out a new feature through its beta versions that lets you know what Participants or contacts They were before someone entered the group of this instant messaging app. This post started spreading in WhatsApp beta for iOS.

In fact, it’s a strange way to learn something from Chat historyFind out from this list who was part of the group. This will also avoid having to ask the group members if they know why that person left the chat.

Even, to expand the data, it has specific search bar To find a person, it is very useful if there are 100 or more members in the group. The maximum number of people allowed is 256.

WhatsApp: How do you know who left a group

As expected from WaBetaInfo, there will be a new icon for two people stuck together. This new WhatsApp group feature can be accessed in the list of existing participants under the “Group Information” tab. Here, there will be a new option called See previous participants..

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When you click on it, a short description appears stating that this section displays “Participants who have left or been excluded from the group in the last 60 days”.

The biggest limitation of this functionality is that it is limited in time by two months and the reason will not be revealed either, because often there is no simple explanation. It was also not made clear whether the exit was imposed by the official himself.

The interesting thing is that this option is available not only to administrators, but also to all group participants. All users need is to enable the option to watch it.

Besides this action, it was also eliminated The current system for notifying everyone in the chat When a member leaves or is removed from a group.

How to access the new feature in groups. WaBetaInfo image

Admins will only receive chat messages when someone leaves or is removed from the group. All people who have left or been removed from the group will only be visible in the “View previous participants” list.

WhatsApp: More power to admin

A few days ago, WhatsApp implemented a tool Increases the power of the officialswhere they will have the ability to delete messages from groups.

This feature was planned with the goal of allowing admins to be group admins. This way, if any participant starts a conflict and writes something that goes beyond the respect limit and the rules of coexistence, the administrator will be able to delete the message directly from that contact.

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In the event that the excessive participant does not stop sending these aggressive messages against other contacts, the moderator may expel him from the group to avoid further conflicts. Although they will be able to delete messages, WhatsApp will leave a message notifying other contacts that the administrator has deleted a message.


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