WhatsApp: New option to customize who can see profile picture

Whatsapp news. (Photo: Androidphoria)

The WhatsApp had become Application Almost necessary for file users cell phone. Ease of installation and use made it one of the first programs to be downloaded, To the point where you became The most used instant messaging app in the world.

It’s all thanks newsletter that are provided to its users. The last one was the ability to choose within optionsPrivacy‘ next one:

– Select who can see a file personal picture.

– Select who can see a file last contact.

– Select who can see a file condition.

– Decide who can see a file Information Who wrote in the description.

The WhatsApp.  (Image: Twitter)
The WhatsApp. (Image: Twitter)

This comes after several months of tests conducted by the company at stations Android Based on iOS. Already in September of last year it made it possible to hide some of these options such as profile picture, last connection time and information.

But this grandmother It can only be enjoyed by those who have a mobile OS version manzana. At the end of March this year, WhatsApp expanded these options into a beta version that can be installed by those users who have Android.

right Now instant messaging app Unlocking a new set of privacy options, this time, for the entire user base. They had already advanced last Thursday in social networks They were implementing new options for Privacy Monitor In order to protect online privacy more carefully.

It has now become a reality, giving WhatsApp users the option to choose whether to give access to all users of the app, only to their contacts, or with certain exceptions.

Mobile phone with WhatsApp logo.  (Photo: iProfessional)
Mobile phone with WhatsApp logo. (Photo: iProfessional)

How to Hide Call Time, Profile Picture and WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts

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The WhatsApp explain The process of hiding all information related to specific contacts, just follow these steps:

1. Press three points in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp home screen and follow the path Settings > Account > Privacy.

2. On this screen, the first thing you will see are its options Who can see personal information.

3. Select any option, in this case last time and search”My contacts, except…select it and the full list of WhatsApp contacts will open.

4. Select the contacts we want number See the time of the last connection, and finally accept the changes.

5. Back on the main screen, you will see that the phone number is now called. Excluded contacts.

6. The same process applies to Hide profile picture, information, and status of specific contacts.

How to Hide Call Time, Profile Picture and WhatsApp Status of Specific Contacts in WhatsApp.  (Photo: Android / Jose Arana)
How to Hide Call Time, Profile Picture and WhatsApp Status of Specific Contacts in WhatsApp. (Photo: Android / Jose Arana)

WhatsApp does not stop doing news

This news comes just over a week after the company was announced It was preparing to offer up to five new jobs.

The possibility was first announced Filter conversations, so that only those who have some unread messages are displayed. In this way, the application seeks to make it easier for its users to locate messages.

The second novelty that was announced was Option to recover messages that have been eliminated at some point and in this way do not disappear.

Another novelty is the fact of ability Edit messagesSince then, once sent, there has been no going back. This way, if you have sent a message in a hurry, there is a possibility to edit it.

Edit WhatsApp messages.  (Photo: WABetaInfo)
Edit WhatsApp messages. (Photo: WABetaInfo)

Another innovation lies in the possibility of Leave the group quietly. This means that only the admin is notified and no message is sent to the whole group as it is currently. This option will be modified so that only those who formed the group at some point can be seen, but not in the public chat.

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The last function that was communicated is one of the most contradictory functions that WhatsApp has been able to define. It is the truth Mark temporary chats so they don’t disappear. In this way, the temporary functionality in the chats will be disabled, as it will not be permanently eliminated.

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