WhatsApp launches “Ignored Mode”: what is the new feature and how is it activated

The meta messaging app has launched a new option that will change the way groups work. Look.

The WhatsApp toss the Ignore modea new option that adds to the recent changes the messaging company has made to continue its global leadership while improving the user experience. Know what it is and how to activate it.

WhatsApp launches “Ignored Mode”: what is the new feature and how is it activated

This new feature of the app has something to do with it Every time a user enters a group as a contact, the app will automatically mute notifications of received messages. This is because in large groups, members often send messages and files constantly, whichIt is not necessarily intended specifically for one contact.

It should be noted that this new tool will be available soon and It happens after WhatsApp has increased the maximum number of members for a group chat, Among the other novelties it launched.

The WhatsApp

Once the user enters the group, WhatsApp will notify users with a pop-up tab, which tells them that “the group has been automatically muted to reduce notifications”. however, Keep in mind that this It will only happen in groups with more than 256 participants.

Although, if you want otherwise, Each user will be able to return the sound to new message notifications at any time. So far the feature is only available in beta, but It is estimated that in the next few days the “Golden” version will be released to all users.

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