Whatsapp launches Communities: How will the new way to group different chat groups work | Also announced integration of reactions with emoji

courier service The WhatsApp Released this ThursdayCommunities‘, a new feature will collect Different groups under the same structurePlus Advertisement merging reactions with emojis For messages exchanged in conversations.

According to the company’s service Goal (formerly Facebook), new features will be rolled out Over the next few weeksIt will include news in groups such as sending files 2 GB and voice calls with up to 32 people.

“Schools, local clubs and non-profit organizations are using WhatsApp to communicate securely and get results, especially as the pandemic has forced us all to find innovative ways to work together remotely. With the outpouring of feedback we have received, cWe think we can do more to make managing these crowded group conversations easierThey argued from WhatsApp about these new facilities.

Communities would allow people to gather separate groups under one umbrella. With this new function, You will be able to receive updates sent to the entire community Organizing smaller discussion groups.

In the middle of every community There will be a description and a list of groups that people can choose to joinwhile allowing you to create a structure for conversations between larger and more complex groups.


On the other hand, one of the most important improvements Feedback will be incorporated into the messages sentjust like it happens in Instagram and Facebook Messenger chats.

The main goal is that people They can quickly share their opinions without overburdening chats with new messages.

Meanwhile, the ability to share 2 GB files, and an option for group admins to remove “wrong or offensive” messages, will also be enabled.

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Among other introductions are voice calls to talk to up to 32 people, which will have a renewed design.

WhatsApp explained that “ Societies are private by nature‘, so it will continue to ‘protect messages with end-to-end encryption’.

“While other apps are creating conversations for hundreds of thousands of people, we decided to focus on supporting the groups that are a part of our daily lives. Communities on WhatsApp are just getting started and one of our goals is to continue creating new features to support them. Throughout the year. We are very excited to make the communities more accessible. Folks, “They shut down from the app.

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