WhatsApp launches a new function that will revolutionize the application: what it is about and how to activate it

The messaging application is poised to implement a functionality that is highly demanded by users and that will facilitate daily use.

whatsApp Launches a new option that adds to the recent changes made by the courier company to maintain its global leadership while improving user experience. Learn what it is and how to activate it.

WhatsApp launches a new function that will revolutionize the application: what is it about and how to activate it?

in the last days, WhatsApp has officially implemented the option to chat with yourself. In this way, users will be able to have conversations with their own phone numbers. This new tool within the Meta platform acts as a notepad and reminder.

While this option already exists in iOS, the tech company has been responsible for implementing improvements to make it easier to start a conversation with yourself. This function is gone for those who have iOS on their mobile phone.

On Android, on the other hand, this tool is completely new, as it was not previously supported. Now when you start a conversation, WhatsApp will offer the option to send messages to our private numberwith the intent of using the sender as a record.

The WhatsApp

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