WhatsApp: How to translate voice messages into text

The app will also allow you to search for words in phonemes. (Unsplash)

phonetics in The WhatsApp It’s a way of communicating that’s uncomfortable for some, because they don’t have the space to listen to the content or because the other person sends voice notes that are too long. So the platform is already working on a solution: copy it.

on devices running the operating system iOSThe application is testing a tool that allows converting audio content into text, with a few simple touches and without the need to install an additional platform.

This option is enabled for some users of these mobile phones, so it is expected that over the weeks their access will expand, to expand this testing phase and then officially launch the functionality.

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For now, for those who have access to the tool, the app turns it on by default, but you will be given the option to disable it.

The method for using it will consist of two steps, no more. When a sound is received, you must hold it down and a menu will be displayed there, where there are usually forward, reply, delete and report options, to which Transcribe will now be added at the top.

Pressing this button will create a bubble at the bottom with all the content of the voice note in text. This transcription will be as accurate as the quality of the transmitted audio, the volume, and the intelligibility of the other person’s speech.

The app will also allow you to search for words in phonemes. (WABetaInfo)
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In addition, WABetaInfo showed a screenshot showing that the user can set the language, which will help the app better understand the voice.

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Besides this addition, The WhatsApp It’s also testing an option so that you can search for a word within a voice in chat, as with any text content. Taking advantage of transcription, it will be possible to search by word without having to listen to each audio note to find a specific letter.

This new function maintains the end-to-end encryption that takes care of users’ privacy, as the transcription takes place directly from the cell phone. Also, it is possible to deactivate this tool by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Voice Message Texts.

At the moment, only devices with iOS 16 They are the people who have access to this option, because the functionality needs the language packs that are in the APIs for this version of the OS.

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The app will also allow you to search for words in phonemes. (Unsplash)

New update for The WhatsApp It includes improvements to surveys and forwarding of multimedia messages such as photos and documents.

It brings functions such as creating files Surveys Where you can answer only once, because until the previous version of this function, any user could delete his vote and change it to another as many times as he wanted at any time.

The update adds a new field “Allow multiple responses”, which will be active by default. In order for a poll to be closed with only one vote per person within the chat group in which it was created, this option must be deactivated before the message is sent.

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While messages containing images or documents could already be forwarded in previous versions of the app, users will now be able to add comments to these files before hitting the send button.

This will only be possible if the file that is part of a conversation already contains a comment in its original version. In addition, the new version of the file will allow adding new images And even videos as part of the forwarded message.

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