WhatsApp: How to play audios faster

When you play the sound at twice the speed, you will see a “2X” icon.

From now on, WhatsApp users will be able to choose the speed at which the audios arriving at the platform are played. This option, which until now was available for beta, has already reached the final version, so it is sufficient to update the platform in order to access this service.

How is WhatsApp updated? You have to go to App Store, Apple Store in case of iOS or Google Play in case of Android, and search for WhatsApp. If an “Update” button appears next to the icon, this means that the latest version was not downloaded, but that there is a previous version. Click there and it will get the update.

Once the latest version of the system is available, when entering WhatsApp chats in which a voice has been received, the symbol “1X” will appear next to this file, which is the default option and indicates that when you press “play” the voice will be heard at normal speed.

If you press this icon once, you will see another alternative which is “1.5X” to play it a little faster, or if you click on the same place again, “2X” will appear, which is listening to the content. Twice the recording speed.

This long-awaited tool could be useful for those who have little time or patience to listen to the long sounds hitting the platform.

How to move from voice to text

Now, those who need to buy more time or for some reason do not want or cannot listen to the audio, then they have some other alternatives to go from voice to text. These are not native system tools but do require external applications to be installed.

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One of the most popular is this service Duplicator. To use it, it must be installed as a separate WhatsApp application (not an official app) and it is only available for Android. The voice message should be selected and upon selecting the share button an option will appear to do so with Transcriber for WhatsApp. It has no time limit, and it can be used with audios of any extension.

The Transcribe app, available for Android, is one of the apps available to go from voice to text
The Transcribe app, available for Android, is one of the apps available to go from voice to text

Voicepop Available for iOS, it is an app that allows you to transcribe audio to text, with a high level of fidelity. As in other cases, when you download the app, you can choose the audio, choose to share, and choose that app to do its job.

It works with WhatsApp voice messages (within the app, without the need to switch between apps), Telegram, Signal and other messengers, and it also works with videos. Use to send text messages of up to one minute in duration.

TranscriptoFor its part, it is also available for iOS, recognizes over 50 languages, and works with Telegram and WhatsApp. It can also be used as an audio-to-text converter for longer recordings than any recording app, such as Voice Memos, for example.

To use it, you must choose the “Send to” function of the application that you want to use to get the written text quickly. If the selected app is incompatible, from the app, in the app store, they indicate that it is possible to contact them for compatibility quickly.

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